2019-Present Volkswagen Jetta

2019+ Volkswagen Jetta's are a super reliable and comfortable platform. Keep them same reliability through the modification process by using APR parts! We have you covered with Engine Hardware, Transmission Hardware, Brakes, Suspension, Wheels and Tuning support.


  • Horsepower - More horsepower throughout the whole rpm band
  • Torque - More torque throughout the whole rpm band
  • Warranty - APR Plus is available, providing a factory term limit matching limited powertrain warranty
  • Fuel Grades - Multiple octanes from which to choose
  • Stages - Multiple performance levels depending on installed hardware
  • Flat Torque - Optional torque limited version for a flatter torque profile
  • Acceleration - Accelerate faster with more power and reduced throttle lag
  • Linear Throttle - Pedal maps adjusted for a more linear feel
  • Brake Boosting - Left foot braking or brake boosting added
  • Speed Limiter - Go as fast as you want with the speed limiter out of the way
  • Standing Limiter - Increased standing limiter for higher revving at idle
  • Motorsport Limiter - With the soft limiter removed, you‚Äôll get full power right up to the hard, ‚Äúbap bap bap‚Äù redline fuel cut
  • Auto Start/Stop Inversion - Auto Start/Stop defaults to the off position
  • Exhaust Crackle - Multiple exhaust crackle profiles including factory, mild, and aggressive all with mode switching and component protection
  • Economy - While cruising, or driving normally, your fuel economy may benefit from our optimized calibration
  • Flash Counter - Flash counter does not increase with each flash


  • More horsepower with gains up to +12 AWHP over stock
  • More torque with gains of up to +13 AWFT-LBS over stock
  • Greatly outflows the full factory frontal airbox by 60% at 833 CFM vs 521 CFM
  • High heat deflection PEX construction
  • Massive 7” washable and reusable cotton filter with a frontal inlet and 4” rear outlet
  • Creates an intoxicating intake sound in the engine bay
  • Improves throttle response
  • Lessens pressure drop
  • Lessens strain on the turbocharger
  • Lessens heat retention compared to other materials, such as metal
  • Compatible with APR and factory rear intake tubes and turbo inlet pipes
  • Easily installs in minutes
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  • to
  • 121/2.0L L4
  • 85/1.4L L4
  • GLI 35th Anniversary Edition
  • GLI Autobahn
  • GLI S
  • R-Line
  • S
  • SE
  • SEL
  • SEL Premium
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