Diagnosing LC and NLS functionality (Brake and Clutch Switch Test)

APR's Launch Limiter (LL) and No Lift Shift (NLS) functions require a working clutch and brake switch. If these features are not working, it's possible the switch is faulty. You can check functionality with a VAG-COM or VCDS. Connect the OBDII cable, and turn the key to the on position.

Open the program and click "select"

Click "01-Engine"

Click "Meas. Blocks - 08"

Brake Switch Test: Bits 0 and Bit 1 must both be 0 when not pressing the brake and both must be 1 when pressing the brake more than an inch. Clutch Switch Test: Bit 2 must be 0 when your foot is off the clutch and 1 when the clutch pedal is pressed more than 3". If the values above are not correct, the features may not work properly until the hardware fault is fixed.