APR Direct Replacement Advanced Street Pads

APR OE Replacement Advanced Street Pads are a direct upgrade for your factory brake. This pad material will remain fade free to operating temperatures that far exceed typical OE pads. The material has a high friction co-efficient but is engineered to deliver torque curves that will extract the most from street-legal tires without overwhelming them and causing premature wheel lockup. The fairly low thermal conductivity of this friction material slows the rate of heat transfer to the brake calipers, pressure seals and brake fluid. This pad compound delivers the type of pedal feel and fade resistance that are normally associated with entry-level race pads but it also delivers very good cold response and low disc wear, which a race pad would not when used on a street car. They pair perfectly with the APR Direct Replacement Brake Discs, and provide a no-compromise solution for spirited daily driving.

Features and Benefits

  • Direct replacement front and rear brake pads
  • Reduced brake fade and improved brake consistency
  • High friction co-efficient
  • Brake torque curves engineered not to overwhelm street-legal tires
  • Max operating temperature approaching race pad levels
  • Low disc wear
  • Low levels of heat transmission to the calipers, seals and brake fluid
  • Don’t need to be warmed up before they are effective
  • Suitable for normal daily driving and spirited driving

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