Every Transmission Control Unit (TCU) has what's known as a Box Code, Revision, and model. This number indicates the factory version of software on your TCU. With this information, we can check compatibility of available features and files for your exact TCU. To find this information, you can use a VAG-Com/VCDS OBD-II cable. Start by plugging in the cable, then turn the key to the on position and launch the program.

Open VCDS and Click "Select"

Click "02-Auto Trans"

Your Box Code and Software Revision will be on this screen. In this case, the Box Code is 02E 300 012 G and the Revision is 1968. To find the model number click "Advanced ID - 1A".

Your Transmission Model will be on the screen listed under Misc -> Lot Number. It's typically a letter followed by two numbers. In this case, it's E10, which we would consider an Exx.