APR Software and Hardware Now Available for the VW Arteon!

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We’re pleased to announce several new hardware and software upgrades for the North American Arteon 2.0T!

APR’s ECU Upgrade dramatically increases power and is available in multiple stages and octanes. The Arteon is rated at 268 HP and 258 FT-LBS of torque from Volkswagen. With the APR Plus ECU Upgrade, which includes a factory term limit matching powertrain warranty, expect up to 359 HP and 349 FT-LBS of torque!

Next up is APR’s Stage 1 ECU Upgrade. It requires no hardware, yet delivers 359-382 HP with 349-392 FT-LBS of torque! Gains as high as 85-113 HP and 95-136 FT-LBS of torque were measured over stock. For more power, you can add any of the APR hardware items below.

Finally APR’s Stage 2 ECU Upgrade maximizes output of the factory turbo. It’s designed for use with the APR Race DP, and optimized when using the upcoming APR Intake and Intercooler, and produces 369-381 HP with 367-409 FT-LBS of torque. Gains as high as 109-127 HP and 129-152 FT-LBS of torque were measured over stock. This setup works great with APR’s lineup of performance hardware listed below.

The following is available for the new Arteon:

The following will be released soon with a new supporting adapters / brackets:

The following North American ECU Box Codes are available today. If your code is not listed, please put in a request:

  • 2.0 TSI – DLRB – 3G0906259G S0004

Thank you and Go APR!

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