APR ECU Upgrades for the Bentley Continental GT / Flying Spur V8/V8 S!

By: APR | 10/02/2019 < Back to Blog Home

We’re excited to announce our ECU Upgrades are now available for the Bentley’s Second Generation Continental GT V8, Continental GT V8 S, Flying Spur V8, and Flying Spur V8 S!

This upgrade increases power and torque substantially. Expect 635-721 HP with 668-849 FT-LBS of torque, depending on octane (91, 93, 100, or 104). This translates to +96-220 HP, with +123-311 FT-LBS of torque over stock out of the V8! Best of all, APR’s proven track record over the past 6 years with this motor on the Audi S6, RS6, S7, A8, S8, and RS7 gives us the confidence to also offer this ECU Upgrade with a limited powertrain warranty for the term limit of your vehicle’s factory warranty. We call it APR Plus, and it offers 635 HP with 668 FT-LBS and only requires using 91 octane or higher.

This ECU Upgrade is simple to install. Just visit any APR Dealer and they will install it to your factory ECU. No other hardware modifications are required, and the ECU doesn’t need to be removed from the vehicle. It’s fully compatible with APR Mobile, which allows you to use your smartphone to cycle through the installed programs and octanes.

Learn more on our product page, and GO APR!