APR TCU Upgrade - 7 Speed DSG and S Tronic (DL501) (MLB)

Fits 2010-2018 Audi S4, S5, S6, S7

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APR TCU Upgrade - 7 Speed DSG and S Tronic (DL501) (MLB)

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This part is legal for sale or use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles, Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles, and Racing Use Only Vehicles because it does not affect vehicle emissions and is not covered by emissions regulations.

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APR's TCU Upgrade dramatically improves upon the transmission's function, drivability, and performance through a myriad of enhancement and custom features. Normal daily driving is smoother as we've improved upon the normal quirks and complaints associated with the driving experience. Sporty driving is far more capable with increased torque capacity, clamping pressure, faster shifting times, more capable launch control, and more! Both are optimized to deliver faster acceleration by matching the power output delivered by our ECU Upgrade. This all comes with customizable features you can choose while flashing the TCU to personalize the transmission to your desire! Lastly the software loads to the factory TCU through the OBD-II port, resulting in a clean and headache-free install.


  • Optimized part throttle drive and sport maps
  • Optimized wide open throttle drive and sport maps
  • Increased clutch torque limits
  • Manual downshift lockout limit increased
  • Lightning fast paddle response
  • Lightning fast shift times and AMAX mode
  • Reduced pull-away delay
  • Customizable auto up-shift behavior
  • Customizable auto down-shift behavior
  • Customizable 3-step launch control
  • Lightning fast launch control
  • Launch counter
  • Temperature management optimized
  • Gear display active in drive and sport
  • Direct Port Programming - Clean and easy install through the OBD II port without removing the ECU
  • Free Updates - Get free updates for life
  • Guarantee - 30 day money back guarantee
Brand APR
Emission Code5
Product TypeECU Upgrade
Transmission Gears7
Transmission OrientationLongitudinal
Transmission TypeDual Clutch
Part NumberTCU-DL501-MLB

This part is legal for sale or use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles, Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles, and Racing Use Only Vehicles because it does not affect vehicle emissions and is not covered by emissions regulations.
Find your boxcode and revision
Find your boxcode and revision
User adjustable features are available at the time of flashing. Driving map profiles are also available for different size turbos. There is no charge from APR to change these settings. Some features may be limited if using an APR Plus ECU Upgrade. Excludes early models with Cxx Software Lot numbers found under the TCU boxcode and revision guide.

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  • Question

    I currently have 2019 s5 sportsback 3.0 with the stage 1 tune and Apr intake and I wanted to know if this tcu will still fit?

    By Robert Blanchard on March 28, 2023

    Unfortunately this is a different transmission.
  • Question

    How do we know when updates are released or which revision you guys are on. I tuned my b8.5 s4 in 2020 and im wondering if there is any updates. Free updates for life is advertised but how do I know if there is one available to me ?

    By Kent Anderson on May 27, 2023

    Give us a call. We can check your exact car.
  • Question

    Hi, will the software tune work on an Audi A5 B8.5 with the 2.0t E888.3 engine? OB5 gearbox hardware: 0B5927156K software: 8K9927156C version 0005.

    By Andrew Dolphin on April 21, 2023

    We don't support that transmission yet. It's a ZF automatic, and not the same as this platform.
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Available Files

3.0TStock Supercharger TVS1320
4.0TStock Turbo (S6/S7)
4.0TStock Turbo (RS6/RS7)

There is no additional charge to flash between different files.

Optimized part throttle drive and sport maps

At lower throttle input, the system doesn’t race towards the highest gear. In doing so, we keep the turbo spooled between shifts for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Optimized wide open throttle drive and sport maps

Shift strategy matches the output of our tuned ECU upgrades. In doing so, each gear will shift at the ideal point for the fastest acceleration.

Increased clutch torque limits

Torque limits are raised, allowing the transmission to function properly at higher torque levels. In doing so, the TCU does not artificially reduce torque.

Manual downshift lockout limit increased

In manual mode, the transmission will allow you to downshift so long as the next gear is below redline. This includes removal of the first gear lockout.

Lightning fast paddle response

Pulling the manual paddles results in a quicker shift with artificial delays and lag times removed and reduced.

Lightning fast shift times and AMAX mode

Shift times are reduced to be as fast as physically and mechanically possible by the transmission. During cruise and light throttle, shift times are transitioned to a slower comfort mode. During a launch, AMAX mode is enabled for high torque shifts.

Reduced pull-away delay

We’ve reduced the delay experienced when pulling away from a stop for a more natural driving experience.

Customizable auto up-shift behavior

When flashing the transmission, you can choose to have manual mode auto up-shift at redline or stay in gear and bounce off the limiter until you manually shift.

Customizable auto down-shift behavior

When flashing the transmission, you can choose to have manual mode auto down-shift feature enabled or completely disabled.

Customizable 3-step launch control

When flashing the transmission, you can choose your maximum launch RPM, which includes 3 launch RPMs that are selectable depending on throttle position.

Lightning fast launch control

We’ve greatly reduced the delay experienced after you release the brake pedal for a quicker reaction time when using launch control.

Launch control enabled with ESP on

Launch control can be used with ESP on. In some situation with the right setup this may improve your launch, although ESP will get in the way with too much tire slip.

Temperature management optimized

If an overheat condition occurs, the factory tune shuts down the transmission. We dramatically limit torque so the vehicle is still usable enough to get out of harms way.

Gear display active in drive and sport

Drive, sport and manual mode all display the current gear in the MFD, digital dash or virtual cockpit.

Acceleration Improvements

Our TCU Upgrade improves acceleration. This is accomplished by adjusting Launch control, optimizing shift points, enabling AMAX mode, reducing shift duration, reducing shift intervention, and more. The graphs show longitudinal acceleration G-Forces and vehicle speed on an APR Stage 2 Audi S4. With our TCU Upgrade, acceleration is stronger after the launch, and carries with the modified redline. During the shift, intervention is far less, keeping G’s higher. The 0-120 MPH spring was reduced .75 seconds and .97 seconds on a vehicles experiencing a short shift. Furthermore, some models, such as the 3.0T, experience maximum power at an RPM unachievable on the stock transmission software. With our TCU Upgrade, the transmission will shift higher, and create reach higher HP levels.

Only use fuel equal to or higher than specified. Never use a lower octane fuel. Always follow our fuel guide, especially with race fuel and Ethanol, where available. Dynos are for reference only. Results will vary. Contributing factors include the vehicle condition, vehicle setup, dyno type, dyno setup, environmental factors, fuel quality, and more. When describing fuels, the North American Region (NAR) uses the Anti-Knock Index (AKI), (RON+MON)/2, or (R+M)/2. The Rest of the World (ROW) uses RON. RON is Research Octane Number and MON is Motor Octane Number.

The APR Difference

Who we are - We’re a global automotive engineering firm nestled in Opelika, Alabama. Our 80,000ft² state-of-the-art facility is home to some of the best engineers in the industry, who have mastered hundreds of engine management systems. We have multiple engine and chassis dynos, and the resources necessary to create our TCU Upgrades in-house, from the ground up! We're not a new company either. We've been around since the 90's and we have a strong financial backing to ensure we'll be here to support you for decades to come!

What we do - We optimize everything to make your transmission more capable. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t take risks. We do it the right way.

How we differ - With our proprietary calibration and direct ram access data logging tools and operating system code changes, we’re able to make some of the best TCU upgrades, without needing costly end user adjustments.

Purchasing, Guarantee, and Updates

Purchasing Options¹: Locate an APR Dealer. They will physically install software on your vehicle at their location. Alternatively with the APR Remote Tuning Service (RTS) you'll purchase an APR Tuning Cable and we, or a participating dealer, will remotely install software on your vehicle†.

Money-Back Guarantee: Try our Software Upgrades for up to 30 days, risk free! If you are not satisfied, have it removed and refunded.²

Free Updates: If we make an update, add a standard feature, or if the manufacturer issues an update, you are entitled to a free update.³

1. Availability: APR Software may not be available for all vehicles. Stages, programs, and features may not be available for all ECUs.
2. Money Back Guarantee: Excludes some Software Upgrades, such as those included with a hardware purchase. Labor charges are at the discretion of the installer.
3. Free updates: Subject to availability. Labor charges are at the discretion of the installer. Applicable to the original purchaser. Second hand owners may inquire with an APR Dealer about a software license transfer fee.
†. Remote flashing: Excludes APR Plus. Excludes some platforms. Dealer participation will vary. Visit our product page for details.

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