Rebreaking Records – Customer’s APR Golf R Trumps All

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The quickest MK6 Golf R record is a highly contended title. As the decade-old engine and ECU combination reach the end of their production run, and newer more complex technologies are introduced, tuners around the world continue to tinker with bigger turbos, and new bolt-ons in a never-ending race to the bottom (pun intended).

As of 11/7/2014, MK6 Golf R owner and APR Australia customer, Jared Bailey, proudly holds this title. To APR it’s refreshing and empowering when an independent customer takes an off-the-shelf kit and sets a new record. Most impressively, this particular car is still running the stock block and head, and does not use electronic/manual boost controllers, custom calibrations, WOT boxes, or water methanol injection; components commonly recommended or required by others to reach low 11, high 10 second quarter mile times in a MK6 Golf R.

At Calder Park drag strip, the record quarter mile times set with race fuel and pump fuel were 10.654@129mph and 11.06@124.37 respectively.


Still wide awake with excitement at the time this was article was written (around 4am Australian Eastern Daylight Time), Jared mentioned with a sly chuckle that he began modifying his MK6 Golf R in May 2014 “…when I went stage 2+. Things got out of hand since…”

With such high ambient temperatures, he and APR are very confident he’ll break into the 10s on pump fuel, and are aiming for much lower times with race fuel when temperatures cool off.

Dean Coutts from Fast Stuff, Jared’s local APR Dealer, must be proud to see one of his customers snag the title. Guy Harding, managing director of APR Australia couldn’t wait to share the bittersweet news. Bittersweet, because he and his team at Harding Performance/APR Australia had held this record for over 2 years. It was broken”…thankfully by one of our customers!” he joked.

“Every day I grow more impressed by the support of our customers and the feats they accomplish with our products,” said APR CEO, Matt Young. “APR strives to provide the highest-quality, turn-key solutions for Volkswagen Group vehicles, and news like this reinforces that ethos.”

Vehicle Specifications and Drag Strip Environment:


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