Keith Brantley's APR Tuned RS3 Runs 168 MPH in the Half Mile

By: APR | 10/23/2018 < Back to Blog Home

We attended the Wanna Go Fast event in Ocala, FL this weekend and had a chance to run with Keith Brantley and his RS3 in the 1/2 mile. He ran Saturday, which was in the upper 80-90's all day, and set some pretty impressive times. He did 11 passes in the upper half of the 160's, with a best trap of 168.66 MPH via the timing equipment, and 169.85 via GPS (Dragy). We were quite impressed! The car was running the production intent APR ECU/TCU power levels / shift points and relevant mods with an EC/SRM GTX Hybrid Drop in Turbo (Intake, Inlet, TBE, IC, Fueling). The vehicle was in full street trim using street tires (Toyo R888R), full catback exhaust and full interior including the OEM battery all on the original stock OEM unopened motor. It had a full tank of Ethanol straight from a local pump (around the upper 70% if I recall correctly). If anyone was there, you'll recall this car turning a lot of heads!

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