DirectPort Programming Now Available for Bosch MG1 ECUs!

By: APR | 10/12/2020 < Back to Blog Home

APR DirectPort Programming is now available for all APR ECU Upgrades featuring the new Bosch MG1 ECU!

Every APR dealer everywhere in the world can now install any of our Bosch MG1 based ECU Upgrades without unlocking the ECU. This means no removing ECUs and no shipping them to APR. No new tools are required either as this works with our existing flashing cables. Each ECU upgrade can be flashed directly at any APR dealer just like nearly every other ECU Upgrade in our lineup!

This update applies to all of our Bosch MG1 based ECU Upgrades. Our currently released list of vehicles / platforms includes the following:

Stay tuned for more MG1 support as we expand our current 2.0T 3B, 2.9T, and 3.0T lineup, as well as additional platforms such as the new 4.0T and Porsche 992 platform vehicles. Go APR!

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