Carbonio Stage II TSI

By: APR | 09/04/2009 < Back to Blog Home

APR is pleased to present our Stage 2 Carbon Fiber Intake System to compliment our popular Carbon Fiber Intake for the 2.0 TSI and 2.0 TFSI engine.

Building upon the excellent gains in power delivery and linear improvement delivered by our Stage 1 Carbon Fiber Intake System that addresses the portion of the induction system ahead of the Mass Air Flow sensor, APRs Stage 2 Carbon Fiber Intake System replaces the remaining portion of the OEM induction system from the rear of the MAF to the Turbocharger Inlet.

Constructed of aerospace grade carbon fiber and designed to remove intake restriction, APRs Stage 2 provides smoother transitional airflow, increased air velocity, superior insulation of the incoming air to reduce intake air temperatures, laminar and turbulent airflow at key points to reduce negative incoming air pressure and a larger volume of available air to aid throttle response and turbocharger spool.

* Increased Horsepower and Torque
* Reduced Intake Air Temperatures
* Increased Air Velocity
* Smoother Transitional Airflow
* Increased Throttle Response
* Reduced Turbocharger Spool Time

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