APR Zip Ties are Now Available in Premium Materials (April Fools)

10 min read

APR Zip Ties are Now Available in Premium Materials (April Fools)

10 min read

Zip ties are a necessary evil on any car build, but have a stigma of cheapness attached to them due to their flimsy plastic design. Not anymore. In just two weeks, APR Zip Ties will be available in six premium materials and will be sure to change the zip tie industry forever.

Unlike plastic zip ties, ours are made from solid materials. They won’t twist or bend like plastic, and they won’t melt or deform under heat. Best of all, no one can claim your zip ties are cheap, because they are the most expensive zip ties on the market today.

Fast forward to your new build and how we can help. We CNC machine billet 24 karat gold, or for the budget minded customer, aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. Want a more vintage feel? Grab a set of our Northern White Ash zip ties. Just keep them away from high heat sources. Maybe you have a high temp application that needs more. In that case, our Investment Cast Inconel ties will do the trick. For the true racer looking to save ounces, our prepreg carbon fiber ties will fit the build. And lastly, for all of our Bugatti customers we offer Wurtzite Crystal. Not only does it look the part, it lets everyone know you have money to spend, so watch out.

Each Zip Tie is offered in the standard 4.8x300 mm size, and is sold in packs of one at the following introductory rates:

  • $12,989.95 – 24 Karat Gold
  • $49.95 – Prepreg Carbon Fiber
  • $19.95 – Aircraft Grade 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • $24,199.95 – Wurtzite Crystal
  • $22.95 – Northern White Ash
  • $35.95 – Investment Cast Inconel

Each zip tie is fully emissions compliant and carries a prop 65 warning in the state of California. Please allow 2 weeks with free USPS ground shipping and remember to GO APRil Fools!

Features and Benefits

  • Made from premium materials
  • Won't bend and twist like plastic
  • Expensive
  • Emissions compliant
  • 4.8x300 mm dimensions
  • Sold in packs of one
  • Looks great
  • High quality
  • Available for a limited time on April 1st


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