APR Wheels - Interlocking Rings

By: APR | 08/09/2018 < Back to Blog Home

We had some questions about our wheels and the included hub centric rings.

Most of the rings you get are like the orange plastic ones in the video below. They break and melt easily, and slide back and forth. They aren't ideal at all, and that's why many of you are turned off by hub centric rings. However, that's not what we're using.

Ours are different. We made them specifically for our wheel and they give you the ability to run the wheels on standard VW and bigger Audi applications. They are an interlocking design that clicks into place and doesn't move or slop around. Once seated, it's as if they aren't even there. Furthermore, they are created from a high temperature, high strength material called Polyoxymethylene, or Acetal and can take a beating.

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