APR Stage 3 B8 A4 Quarter Mile

By: APR | 01/25/2016 < Back to Blog Home

On Sunday, January 24th, we headed to Montgomery Motorsport Park to test our new APR Stage III EFR6758 Turbocharger System in the quarter mile. The car was driven to the track in its currently daily driven form, on street tires, with 93 octane fuel and a full interior, in an effort to show real world results most customers will experience on a day-to-day basis. Several passes were conducted, resulting in record breaking pass after record breaking pass. Ultimately, Trevor@APR, the owner of the vehicle, was able to achieve a 12.124@115.13 MPH after cutting a 1.733 60 FT time!

The fueling system was unmodified, resulting in power limitations below the capabilities of the turbocharger system. Temperature at the track during the record pass was roughly 50F, resulting in a density altitude of roughly -575 feet. Unfortunately, the negative density attitude did not result in a sizable performance benefit compared to running in warmer conditions due the fueling system limitations. However, beneficial to APR customers in warmer climates, the above results are still applicable.

As temperature drops and air density increases, so does the need for more fuel to satisfied the air fuel ratios prescribed by APR's calibration experts. To safely prevent the engine from running out of fuel in cooler conditions, APR's calibration experts have calibrated the ECU to reduce boost pressure while targeting the same power levels. Conversely, during hotter conditions, the ECU increase boost pressure to make up for the loss in air density, ultimately resulting in the same power output regardless of ambient conditions.

Currently the turbocharger system slated for release in the coming months, which will include full details such as price, power figures, components, application guides, requirements and recommendations. The B8.5 platform, including flex fuel models, is also in development and on employee vehicles at APR and will be releasing around the same time. Fueling upgrades for higher output are being explored.

Vehicle Details:
- 2010 Audi A4 (B8)
- 2.0 TFSI EA888 Gen 2 engine
- 6 Speed manual transmission with upgraded clutch and single mass flywheel
- APR EFR6758 Turbocharger System
- APR Stage 3 ECU Upgrade, 93 octane
- APR Intercooler
- APR Race DP with 300 cell catalyst
- APR Catback Exhaust
- APR Carbon Fiber Intake System
- OEM 19" wheels with Michelin PSS street tires
- Full weight (~4,000 LBS with driver and half tank of fuel)
- Coilover suspension (unmodified from daily street driving setup)
- Larger front and rear brakes
- Stock engine internals
- Stock fueling system
- Employee owned and daily driven with 90,000 mile


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