APR Presents a New Line of Luxury Catback Exhaust Systems

10 min read

APR Presents a New Line of Luxury Catback Exhaust Systems

10 min read

APR is pleased to present a unique and exotic Catback Exhaust System unlike anything one wood see on the market today. Branching out from the norm, the APR System leaves behind traditional materials, and caters to those who enjoy the finer things in life.



The system utilizes 76mm Northern White Ash Tubing, hand sanded to a fine finish, paying close attention to detail as to not disturb the grain structure. A multi-layer lacquer coating is applied, cured, and sanded to a mirror finish, giving the tubing a beautiful sheen while bringing out the grain’s natural beauty.



Two Rich Mahogany resonators adorn the system and produce a deep, throaty exhaust note some would say is worthy of a seat alongside fellow woodwind instrumentalists in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Nürburg. Our master carpenter hand selects each piece of wood before carving out the internal resonance chambers. The resonators are packed tightly with Cedar shavings, giving the unit a pleasant smell. Bespoke dovetailed joints firmly hold the system in place. Finally, a rich and dark finish is accomplished through a seven step finalizing process before undergoing a two week curing process. As always, our Mahogany is sourced from locally sustainable forests.



Y Pipe:

The system diverges from a single to dual exist design though a beautifully hand-crafted splitter, carved from a single solid piece of locally sourced, reclaimed oak. A heavy sanding process ensures the unit is smooth internally and externally before being bathed in a dark, and aesthetically pleasing, varnish. A final protective coat is high polished to a shine.



The exhaust finishes through two gorgeous exhaust tips, which are meticulously crafted from solid Curly Maple. A flat grand-piano-grade varnish adorns the tips, while a proprietary UV resistant coating helps protect the system from dangerous sunlight. The APR logo is hand painted by our professional calligraphist in a subtle, off white color. An optional Sandalwood tip is in development, but is not available at this time.


Pricing and Availability:

Each system retails for $24,724.99, requires a deposit and at least a two week build time. We anticipate systems will begin shipping as early as next boost season.




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