APR Nears Completion of New RS01 Wurtzite Crystalline Wheels

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APR Nears Completion of New RS01 Wurtzite Crystalline Wheels

10 min read

APR announces the first Crystalline Wheels suitable for both street and track use


(Opelika, Alabama) April, 2018 – APR is pleased to announce the first Crystalline Wheels suitable for both street and track use! Recent crystallography breakthroughs have resulted in a new process in which to create complex geometric shapes from extremely hard crystalline materials, while also retaining attractive qualities that closely match the aesthetics of the newly released APR A01 Flow-Formed Wheels.


APR’s Engineers worked closely with a team of researchers at the local University, during initial development phases of the manufacturing process, to discover and test various crystalline structures capable of passing extremely high load tests. By introducing nuclear-brazed carbon nano-rods intermixed between the atoms of the newly synthesized ultra-hard Wurtzite Boron Nitride compound, APR’s engineers were able to form a wheel capable of withstanding beyond 1,000 kg per wheel. The wheels are capable of handily surpassing DOT, JWL, VIA, and TUV ratings making them extremely capable and long lasting under even the harshest conditions.


This feat alone was commendable, but initially resulted in a thick, billet-crystal wheel, with no spokes that was woefully unattractive on its own. APR’s engineering teams spent several years developing a cutting process capable of forming the wheels to resemble the newly released A01 Flow Formed Wheels without disturbing the structural integrity of the wheels. The results were breathtaking.


Both the formation and finishing process creates a highly attractive crystalline structure capable of passing the most stringent color and clarity tests available. Most wheels are considered colorless, rating D to E on the color scale, with FL or Flawless clarity ratings, making the wheels completely devoid of imperfections to the naked eye. APR contracted the world-renowned crystal experts Smorovski to develop blue sapphire center-caps with a hand-laid 24-karat gold outer ring and logo outline, adding a finishing touch one would expect from wheels of this caliber.


APR is currently ramping up production of the wheels and expects at least a fortnight to finish initial production quantities to satisfy incoming world-wide demand from its over 500-dealer strong network of independent resellers. Introductory MSRP is anticipated at only $489,000 per 19×8.5 ET45 wheel. However, this price is expected to raise dramatically after initial quantities are depleted. Alternatively, APR A01 Flow Formed Aluminum Wheels are available for a fraction of the price.

For more information, please visit www.goapr.com.

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