APR EMCS Program Switching Now Available for the Golf R!

By: APR | 12/18/2012 < Back to Blog Home

APR is pleased to present EMCS Program Switching for the MK6 Golf R!

APR’s patented EMCS, Enhanced Modular Chipping System, brings selectable programs and features to your factory ECU, all without the need to purchase external hardware. There are no adaptation tricks or marketing gimmicks involved – EMCS is unlike anything else in the market. EMCS has the ability to rewrite the operating map data, giving each map new and specific calibration for increased performance. EMCS is available at any APR Stage.

APR’s EMCS features and program modes are activated via your cruise control buttons while the engine is off. When the engine is started, the cruise control continues to operate and function normally. Read more on our product page.

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