2017 1.8T ECU, TCU and Turbo Upgrades Now Available!

By: APR | 06/21/2017 < Back to Blog Home


APR is pleased to present new engine ECU software and transmission TCU software for the 2017 North American 1.8T Golf, Sportwagen and Alltrack. Our new ECU Upgrade is avaialble in several stages. Stage 1 (234-245 HP / 274-301 FTLBS) requires no hardware upgrades, and Stage 2 (246-247 HP / 275-301 FTLBS) requires our Race DP. For larger gains, it’s also available with a factory GTI IS20 turbocharger (274-319 HP / 308-330 FTLBS), both with and without an upgraded Race DP. For even more power, it’s available with a factory Golf R IS38 turbocharger (351-357 HP / 335-341 FTLBS)! At each stage we’ve optimized the DSG transmission with our TCU Upgrade, offering a massive leap in performance. It’s now available at North American APR Dealers!

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