APR DTR8868 Direct Replacement Turbo Charger System (3.0T EA839)

Fits 2018-2024 Audi S4, S5, SQ5

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APR DTR8868 Direct Replacement Turbo Charger System (3.0T EA839)

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This part is legal under the provisions of EPA’s Tampering Policy dated November 23rd, 2020.

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The APR DTR8868 is a direct turbocharger replacement for the 3.0T EA839 engine found on the 2018+ Audi S4, S5, and SQ5! This upgrade includes matching software for various vehicles and mods, and provides up to 620 HP (571 AWHP) and 622 FT-LBS (572 AWTQ) of torque all while keeping emissions components unmodified. The software supports premium pump fuel grades, race fuel grades, and even ethanol all without any fueling upgrades. Additional HPFP software is available for max output on ethanol and increased protection headroom on pump fuel. Lastly, for dedicated race cars the turbocharger is designed with headroom to go even further on your own! This is a brand new turbo designed and developed by APR from the ground up. It does not require a core, and there's no additional downtime associated with other upgrade styles. The turbo bolts to the factory location and connects to factory or upgraded components. Since this turbo was designed from the ground up, and doesn't use any of the factory or factory cloned housings or internals, we had complete control over the design. We've upgraded the CHRA to feature German dual ceramic ball-bearings for smooth and reliable operation with better transient response. This also does away with the journal bearing design on the factory turbochargers. Next the compressor cover was upgraded with an appropriate A/R matched to our larger billet aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum 88mm compressor wheel. The turbine side of the turbocharger also benefits from our ground-up design. The turbine housing is cast with 310 stainless steel that's designed to take the heat an abuse seen on a road course. The turbine A/R is matched to our new nickel-based superalloy K418 68mm turbine wheel. The system will see low exhaust gas temperature, low exhaust back pressure, low turbo discharge temperature, and low shaft speeds because the system has been properly designed from the ground up for the prescribed power levels. Of course, each rotating group is VSR balanced for reliable operation. This all lends well for customers who plan to use this turbo on a dedicated race car as it has the headroom necessary to push the system further on their own. Each kit includes the complete turbocharger including a calibrated wastegate actuator and diverter valve. All necessary one time use install hardware is included. The kit even includes an adapter for the APR intake system to provide maximum flow through the system, though the system remains compatible with the factory intake. Our turbo loyalty program includes a free upgrade from any lower APR ECU stage to Stage 3. If you don't have APR software already, it's just the cost of the Stage 1 tune. Furthermore, there's no charge to upgrade from the stock HPFP software to the upgraded HPFP file, and there's no charge to jump between octanes, including ethanol. APR Stage 3 software was designed with reliability in mind. It's designed to not spike the turbo hard in the lower RPM band or run on the edge of what the factory rods and pistons have been known to handle. Particular attention was paid toward component protections, for exhaust gas temperature (EGT), back pressure safety (EMAP), turbocharger discharge temperatures, and fueling system capabilities. This was done through accurately adjusting the factory modeling during the development phase. As the need for more fuel increases through rising exhaust gas temperature, the system will lower lambda to cool EGT, but will not excessively tax the injection system with excessive on-times. Secondary protections will limit output for safety. By using our HPFP software headroom is increased significantly, but does so without overdriving the pressure to the injection system. The need for limiting power under extreme prolonged use (Tracking the vehicle for example), is greatly reduced. Lastly, with the upgraded HPFP, output on ethanol is dramatically increased whereas on the stock HPFP Ethanol makes similar power to pump fuel.


  • New DTR8868 direct turbocharger replacement designed by APR
  • Includes free ECU software upgrade from lower APR Stage
  • Direct bolt-on upgrade to 3.0T EA839 engines
  • Included software upgrade produces up to 620 HP (571 AWHP) and 622 FT-LBS (572 AWFT-LBS) of Torque
  • Up to +263 AWHP and +255 AW-FTLBS of torque over stock
  • Turbocharger provides headroom beyond advertised numbers
  • Included software upgrade remains emissions compliant
  • Included software upgrade designed for use on a factory engine
  • Supports 91, 93, 100, 104 AKI, and E60-E85 in North America
  • Support 95, 98, 104, 108 RON, and E60-E85 in the ROW
  • German dual ceramic ball bearing center section
  • Vibration sort rig (VSR) balanced turbocharger center housing rotating assembly (CHRA)
  • Aircraft-grade billet 6061 aluminum 88/64mm compressor wheel
  • .65 A/R compressor cover
  • Integrated diverter valve (DV) port with OEM DV Included
  • Nickle-based superalloy K418 high-flow 68/63mm turbine wheel
  • High temperature 310 stainless steel turbine housing
  • Internally gated wastegate with actuator
  • .83 A/R turbine cover
  • All necessary hardware, gaskets, and clamps included
  • Connects to your factory components
  • Optional HPFP upgrade provides increased output on ethanol, and more protection headroom
  • Incredible value with support and directions included
Brand APR
Emission Code7
Kit TypeTurbo Kit
Product TypeTurbocharger System
Sale CategoryForced Induction
Part NumberT4100001

This part is legal under the provisions of EPA’s Tampering Policy dated November 23rd, 2020. The company has reasonable basis (test results) to verify that this product allows the vehicle to operate within legal emissions standards and is therefore legal to be sold for on-street use in all states that accept the legal provisions of the Clean Air Act and the EPA Tampering Policy. This product is NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Testing with the California Air Resources Board, in order to achieve 50-state compliance, is pending with CARB. Once testing is complete with California, and an E.O. number is issued, this product will be updated to 50-state legal status.
This kit includes a 1 year product only warranty (not returns) for manufacturers defects only. Kit must be running APR software with a correct hardware configuration. Specific software is required to use this system. Software upgrade from lower stage is included for various vehicles. Software compatibility must be checked before purchase! The software installs to your vehicle's factory ECU. Currently software can only be installed by an Authorized APR dealer. Software is available in two formats: For use with the stock HPFP, and for use with the APR HPFP. The advertised results were captured with an APR Intake System, APR Intercooler System, and APR TCU Upgrade (for higher RPM). The max output on E85 was produced using an APR HPFP. INCLUDED SOFTWARE POLICY: This kit includes an upgrade to the APR Stage 3 ECU at no additional charge if the vehicle is already tuned with an APR ECU Upgrade. If the vehicle is not, an APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade must be purchased to get the free upgrade to APR Stage 3 ECU Upgrade. Factory 10,000 mile oil intervals are excessive. Cut oil intervals in half. To add an additional layer of protection, use a high performance oil matching the factory weight and minimum factory specs.

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    Horsepower and Torque Dyno Charts

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    APR Calibration Report

    StageHPTQMax GainMax Gain
    Stock as Reported by OEM349 HP 369 FT-LBS

    Stock as Measured by APR369 HP 394 FT-LBS

    Stage 3 DTR8868

    91 AKI / 95 RON479 AWHP
    529 HP
    503 AWFT-LBS
    554 FT-LBS
    +172 AWHP
    +177 AWFT-LBS
    93 AKI / 98 RON498 AWHP
    548 HP
    510 AWFT-LBS
    561 FT-LBS
    +191 AWHP
    +186 AWFT-LBS
    100 AKI / 104 RON521 AWHP
    571 HP
    537 AWFT-LBS
    587 FT-LBS
    +212 AWHP
    +217 AWFT-LBS
    104 AKI / 108 RON546 AWHP
    596 HP
    549 AWFT-LBS
    599 FT-LBS
    +243 AWHP
    +230 AWFT-LBS
    E60-E85 Ethanol483 AWHP
    534 HP
    489 AWFT-LBS
    538 FT-LBS
    +186 AWHP
    +175 AWFT-LBS
    E60-E85 Ethanol w/ HPFP571 AWHP
    620 HP
    572 AWFT-LBS
    622 FT-LBS
    +263 AWHP
    +255 AWFT-LBS
    Only use fuel equal to or higher than specified. Never use a lower octane fuel. Always follow our fuel guide, especially with race fuel and Ethanol, where available. Dynos are for reference only. Results will vary. Contributing factors include the vehicle condition, vehicle setup, dyno type, dyno setup, environmental factors, fuel quality, and more. When describing fuels, the North American Region (NAR) uses the Anti-Knock Index (AKI), (RON+MON)/2, or (R+M)/2. The Rest of the World (ROW) uses RON. RON is Research Octane Number and MON is Motor Octane Number.