The Ultimate Porsche (982) 718 Boxster/Cayman Catback Exhaust Suite for the 2.0T and 2.5T is here!

Our system is customizable, easy to install, weighs 34% less than the factory Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE), sounds aggressive but pleasant, and looks amazing. We achieve all of this at an affordable price while using premium materials and world-class manufacturing techniques!

In stock form, the 718 is quiet, even with the Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE), but the APR system wakes up the vehicle and gives the turbocharged boxer engine the sound profile it deserves. Expect a deep boxer growl that will turn heads and enhance the driving experience. Track enthusiasts will actually be able to hear their exhaust as they blow past the competition. The system has many optional tips so you can customize the looks to your desire. It supports both valved and non-valved factory setups, and has options for adding one or two mufflers to accommodate everyone’s needs on and off the track!

Expect only the highest quality components in each configuration. We use high quality T304 stainless steel components with mandrel bending, brushed finishes, and TIG welding throughout. V-band clamps make swapping components quick and easy. Precision bracketry means it fits right the first time. Our no-compromise flex sections don’t collapse, billow, and fail like many components on the market. The rear x-pipe maximizes performance, and enhances the sound profile, and our 4” slash cut tips give the system a motorsport inspired look you can configure to your desire. These are just a few design highlights that make this system an absolute must for any 718!

Features and Benefits

  • T304 stainless steel components
  • 2.5” mandrel bend piping with a brushed finish
  • TIG welding throughout
  • Weighs 34% less than the factory Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) in the base configuration
  • Aggressive and customizable sound profile via optional valves and mufflers
  • 2 optional brushed-finished straight-through sound-absorption mufflers available
  • 1 optional exhaust valve is available for Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) customers
  • Plug-and-play with both Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) valved and non-valved setups
  • Integrated rear X-pipe for maximum performance and enhances sound profile
  • Polished 4” slash-cut motorsport-inspired exhaust tips with optional styles, sizes, and colors available
  • OEM style no-compromise flex sections that won’t collapse, billow, and fail
  • V-band clamps make swapping the system at the track a simple and quick
  • Weight saving catback to catpipe flanges
  • Precision bracketry for a precise and solid fit
  • Completely emissions compliant
  • In-house design with world-class manufacturing and quality control
  • Simple and quick install with full directions and APR support

Configuration Recommendations

In the base configuration the system is sold without mufflers or valves. We’ve found this to sound excellent with the factory catalyst in place and is likely the most common setup customers will choose. On vehicles with the Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) with exhaust valve, we’ve also found the setup sounds even better when using our optional valve, even without adding an additional muffler. When it comes to track customers that have modified their factory catalyst with third party components, we suggest adding a combination of our mufflers and valves, depending on the setup, to quiet down the system during normal daily driving or if required by a specific track. Our v-bands will make swapping between mufflers and straight pipes easy for any track-going customer where minimizing weight is typically the goal. In all cases, we’ve designed this system so you can start with the base system and add mufflers and valves later if you so desire.

We use 2.5” T304 stainless steel piping throughout. We brush and de-burr all pipes, use mandrel bending techniques to ensure the pipes keep a constant diameter throughout, and use TIG welding for a strong and attractive weld.

We use an OEM-style flex section that’s fully sealed with a corrugated inner lining. This improves flow and resists issues that cause other styles to collapse, billow, and fail.

Our system comes standard with straight pipes in the rear of the vehicle. These two pipes are also 2.5” and made from T304 stainless steel with TIG welding throughout. Both ends have v-band clamps for easy swapping to our optional components. Our brackets are ridged and precise and feature weight saving pockets.

Both straight pipes are included with the system. This is how most customers will run our system, though if you have a Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) we preferred using the optional valve. In cases where the valve is not used, we provide an appropriate block-off.

In this section we have an optional muffler for both sides, and an optional valve. The exhaust can be run in any configuration that suits your needs. Track-minded customers who have altered their catalyst with 3rd party components may consider adding mufflers and/or valves for daily driving, or to reduce sound levels if required by a specific track, or any other reason they see fit.

Our rear x-pipe improves the sound profile of the system and maximizes performance. This section is also 2.5” and uses T304 stainless steel that’s mandrel bent and brush finished with tig-welding. V-band clamps make the install a snap.

Our 4” slash-cut single-walled tips give the rear of the 718 an aggressive motorsport inspired look. The tips feature a small APR logo laser etched into the top. Optionally the system can be equipped with any one of our other. We have tips in various sizes, styles, and finishes, many of which are displayed below. Be sure to check out all of our tips to select an option that fits your desired taste!

Browse Our Optional Exhaust Tips

We use high quality v-band clamps with an internal sealing ring for all components that may be commonly swapped. This makes a track-side install of a straight pipe, muffler, or valve simple, easy, and quick. For the exhaust tips we use high quality Torca AccuSeal clamps.

We include all of the nuts, bolts, gaskets, clamps, brackets, and more that are necessary to make the system plug-and-play.

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    APR Catback Exhaust - 20T And 25T 718 982

    Our system is customizable, easy to install, weighs 34% less than the factory Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE), sounds aggressive but pleasant, and looks amazing. We achieve all of this at an affordable price while using premium materials and world-class manufacturing techniques!