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APR Cast Race DP Exhaust System for the 1.8T/2.0T


APR is pleased to present the ultimate Cast Race DP Exhaust System!

Upgrading the restrictive factory dp with the APR Cast Race DP Exhaust System is a great way to increase performance and add a sophisticated growl to the exhaust note. Ideal performance is achieved through expelling exhaust gases at maximum velocity through APR’s proprietary, low-turbulence, investment cast Race DP. Designed and assembled in-house, the system utilizes only premium materials and world-class manufacturing techniques to deliver unmatched quality and reliability.

System System

Quick facts:

  • Designed and assembled in-house.
  • T304 stainless steel construction.
  • Argon back-purged TIG welding.
  • Investment cast Race DP.
  • 80mm inlet with integrated o2 bung and flange.
  • Low profile, sealed/corrugated flex section.
  • 76mm outlet with integrated bracket.
  • 8mm billet bracket.
  • 76mm brushed and de-burred piping.
  • Non-swedged/slip-fit/flanged piping.
  • Investment cast o2 bungs with billet plugs.
  • 300 cell, 100mm x 100mm GESI catalyst.
  • OEM-style slip-on clamps.
  • Low-profile, broadband noise cancellation resonator.*
  • Reducer for OEM catback compatibility.
  • OEM gasket.
  • APR Stage II ECU Upgrade price waived.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

*Please Note: TT/TT-S model excludes the broadband resonator.

The factory DP system consists of smaller, 63mm piping with varying bends and multiple restrictive high-cell-count catalysts, all of which contribute to a less than ideal flow path and hindered performance. APR’s engineers took a multi-step approach to maximizing flow, reducing under hood temperature, and eliminating unnecessary restrictions all in a unique package only APR can deliver.

Detailed component photos and information

The APR Cast Race DP Exhaust System is a complex system designed to deliver maximum performance. Each component was designed and developed with the absolute best in performance, strength, reliability and quality in mind.
Select the images below to view detailed photos and information related to each component.

Race DP


Flex Section


















Cast Race DP Inlet and Outlet

The exhaust system features a strong, investment cast, T304 inlet and outlet designed to maximize flow and minimize turbulence. By casting the inlet, APR’s engineers were able to create a smooth and high-flow exhaust path that maximized flow through swept blends and shapes that are otherwise not possible through conventional fabrication techniques. The inlet perfectly matches the factory turbocharger’s 80mm outlet and gradually necks down over a long distance to further enhance performance. The mounting flange, oxygen sensor bung and bracket are integrated into the casting, and TIG welding at the flex section ensures a clean inner surface eliminating turbulence, vortices and eddies to the highest degree.

Race DP Race DP Race DP

With a nominal wall thickness of 2.55mm the Race DP is strong and produces a refined exhaust note compared to thin wall tubing systems. The cast sections undergo a tumbling process to smooth and de-burr any imperfections inside the pipe, while simultaneously enhancing the exterior finish. Lastly, all necessary surfaces are CNC machined for an accurate fit.

Inlet Outlet Bracket

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Flex Section

Flex Flex

APR’s engineers specified a T304 stainless steel, OEM-style flex section that is fully sealed with a corrugated inner lining to improve flow and reliability. The low profile design and minimal use of bradding material eliminates clearance issues common with other designs that can billow, rub, rattle and fray over time.

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Bracket Bracket

Designed to stand the test of time, the bracket is CNC machined from 8mm-thick billet T304 stainless steel and the hanger feet are threaded into place, eliminating the need for welds. Weight is removed from the bracket, wherever possible, while not hindering its structural integrity. The bracket attaches to the cast Race DP’s integrated mounting bracket, and CNC machined spacers enable compatibility across multiple vehicles.

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Catpipe Catpipe

The APR Race DP Exhaust System features premium grade T304 stainless steel for its excellent appearance, strength and corrosion resistance properties. The pipe is rolled to the 76mm European standard diameter with a 1.5mm wall thickness and a seemingly non-existent weld seam.

Pipe is cut to length in-house via APR's CNC-controlled bandsaw to an accuracy of .25mm, ensuring a precise fit. Each pipe is de-burred, and the exterior finish is brushed to give the exhaust piping a clean and attractive appearance worthy of the APR name. APR’s fabrication team uses argon back-purging during the welding process, leaving a clean and smooth interior surface, and TIG welding for strength and appearance. CNC mandrel bending is used to ensure a continuous diameter throughout the design. Lastly, no swedging or slip-fitting is necessary due to APR’s OEM-style clamp design, leaving smooth and less turbulent connection points.

*Please Note: TT/TT-S model excludes the broadband resonator and CNC bend.

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Clamp Clamp

Our system uses OEM-style low-profile slip clamps designed to eliminate the need for flanges, swedging, or slip fittings. By using this low profile design, the exhaust system can be positioned higher in the exhaust tunnel and away from the ground with better clearances compared to flanged setups. Each clamp allows for less turbulence and greater accuracy at the connection points as the pipes simply butt up to one another rather than the ambiguity and voids associated with swedged slip fittings. Furthermore, the clamp doesn’t rely on deforming the pipe to provide a tight seal, making install and removal more convenient.

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O2 Sensor Bungs

Bungs and plug

APR’s Engineers paid special attention to the details when designing the APR Cast Race DP Exhaust System all the way down to the oxygen sensor bungs. APR’s O2 bungs are investment cast from T304 stainless steel and are curved to perfectly fit on 76mm piping, without protruding into the pipe, as this would further impede airflow beyond the sensor itself. The bungs are TIG welded to the piping and back-purging is used to ensure the interior surface is smooth and clean. Lastly, a billet T304 stainless steel bung plug is included to cap off extra ports not needed on some models.

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Catalyst Catalyst.

APR’s engineers specified a high-quality and high-flow GESI metal 300-cell catalyst ideal for forced induction application. During dyno testing, the 100mm x 100mm design showed no measurable loss in power, thanks to the catalyst’s specifications.

Internally the catalytic converter features a proprietary blend of precious metals and loading technology that helps to reduce emissions and smell common on cat-less setups. With performance in mind, the catalyst is placed far away from the turbo outlet to reduce turbulence in the Race DP and to help reduce under-hood temperature. The low-profile catalyst features a fully captured substrate brick, which is furnace brazed to the outer mantle and physically captured by the diffuser cones preventing rattling, rotation, and damage to the substrate. Subsequently, a byproduct of running the catalyst is a reduction in noise, making the system as a whole more pleasing to the ear.

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Resonator Resonator

A broadband noise cancellation resonator is used to reduce the volume of the exhaust note. The low profile T304 stainless steel cylinder features a straight perforated tube, wrapped in T3 long-strand stainless steel fiber followed by a tightly woven fiberglass outer wrap. The straight-through design keeps exhaust velocity high, and turbulence low maximizing performance. A brushed finish is applied to the exterior to give the resonator an attractive appearance.

*Please Note: TT/TT-S model excludes the broadband resonator.

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A simple and removable, T304 stainless steel reducer, featuring a smooth transition, is included, making the APR Cast Race DP Exhaust System directly compatible with the OEM catback exhaust system.

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Included with each system is an OEM gasket, designed to mate between the Race DP and the turbocharger.

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The APR Difference

Select the tab below to view detailed photos, videos and information related to each process.

The Engineering and Designing Phase

In the past APR worked with other manufacturers to develop a limited range of private-label exhaust systems outside the scope of APR’s internal development and manufacturing capabilities. Understanding the limits of such a program, combined with APR’s desire to deliver higher-quality products in a timely manner with better customer support, APR invested in internalizing the program. With the release of this exhaust system and the others like it, APR is pleased to present our first systems fully designed and engineered in-house from the ground up!

Romer. CAD SLA

Design and development begins with the use of APR’s professional grade in-house coordinate measuring machines. APR’s engineers have full access to a Romer Absolute arm with integrated laser scanner, FaroArm and Creaform 3D laser scanner for collection of special constraints surrounding the factory exhaust system. The engineers scan the vehicles and create detailed 3D maps of their design environment while designing each system in PTC Creo 3.0 CAD software.

Using APR’s in-house stereolithography 3D printer, rapid prototypes are created for fitment on the vehicle. The design is easily and quickly verified, and if necessary, changes can be made. Once adequate clearances and fitment is confirmed, especially in areas that move under load, physical quick-cast prototypes are created and fitted for final verification through real-world use.

APR’s world-class manufacturing partners from around the globe are responsible for manufacturing each component that falls outside of APR’s internal capabilities. Working closely with each manufacturer, APR’s engineers supply CAD models, materials specs, and other design specifications and work hand-in-hand with the manufacturer to develop the components. The end result is a collection of components, wholly unique to the APR name, awaiting final finishing, assembly and quality control at APR’s 78,000 square foot facility in Opelika, Alabama in the USA.

| The Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly Phase

The Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly Phase

Manufacturing takes place both internally and externally to APR while finishing and assembly is completed in-house. APR’s fabrication team cuts, brushes and de-burrs premium grade T304 stainless steel piping for use in each midpipe. Then each cast component is sent through the ceramic vibrating tumblers to smooth and de-burr surface imperfections. Each component is then cleaned by hand and prepared for assembly.

Brushed Saw Deburr

APR’s fabrication experts TIG weld each component, creating reliable, high quality and attractive welds. Each component is back-purged with argon during the process ensuring the weld is strong and consistent, as well as clean throughout. With this process complete, the APR Cast Race DP Exhaust System is born!

Tumbling Welding Welding

The Engineering and Designing Phase | Final Quality Control

Final Quality Control

APR has placed a large emphasis on improving quality control across various product lines, and the exhaust program is not excluded. To ensure the systems are delivered as advertised, APR’s engineers have taken a multi-step approach that encompasses many techniques that go beyond the industry standard.

Jig Scanning

Metallurgy Testing

APR’s engineers request full metallurgy reports with each batch of components to ensure the components are made with the T304 stainless steel grades specified on the original design prints. This information is then cross-referenced against randomly selected and independently tested samples before the components are released for assembly.

Dimensional Inspection

Great designs only matter if the manufacturer delivers the components as expected. To help ensure the designs are as specified, APR’s engineers randomly select components and conduct full dimensional inspections using in-house 3D laser scanning equipment. Tolerances are digitally checked against the original specifications and passed or failed based on the results.


Operating in an environment designed for accuracy and repeatability, APR’s fabrication experts leave little room for error during the final assembly phase. Jigs and fixtures, created in-house, live on custom-specified fabrication tables featuring repeatable indexing holes and extremely flat surfaces. This working environment ensures the highest level of quality control during the assembly process and safeguards against dimensional variations potentially created during the manufacturing process. The end result is a system that fits every time as it’s true to the original design specifications.

Visual Quality

When hand-building the products in-house, an extra level of control takes place. Components are visually checked for imperfections, and items that fall out of quality standards are rejected. The products are then packaged with care before being distributed across the world.

APR’s confidence in the system’s quality allows for a limited lifetime warranty.

The Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly Phase |

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Application Guide
Vehicle Engine Transmission Drivetrain Part Number Price  
* TT/TT-S model excludes the broadband resonator and CNC bend.
Audi A3 / S3 (MKII / 8P) 1.8T & 2.0T All All Wheel Drive DPK0001$899.99Find a Dealer
Audi TT / TT-S (MKII / 8j)* 1.8T & 2.0T All Front Wheel Drive & Quattro DPK0016$769.99Find a Dealer
Volkswagen Golf / Golf R (MK5 / MK6) 1.8T & 2.0T All All Wheel Drive DPK0001$899.99Find a Dealer

Stage II ECU Upgrade Information

For the best results, APR recommends installing the Stage II ECU Upgrade. This upgrade requires purchase of an APR Stage I ECU Upgrade, and is included for free to the original owner and original vehicle with the purchase of an APR Cast Race DP Exhaust System!

Stage II ECU Upgrade Pricing
Engine Retail Price Price with Purchase of the APR Cast Race DP Exhaust System
- Pricing: Please contact an APR Importer for pricing outside the USA.
- Availability and ECU Compatibility: Stages, programs, and features may not be available for all ECUs.
- ECU Revision Notice: Multiple ECU revisions exist for each platform. APR software may be temporarily unavailable when factory updates are applied. An APR dealer can check availability in person, or over the phone if the ECU boxcode/revision is known.
- Stage II Pricing: Customers who have purchased an APR ECU Upgrade before February 16th, 2015 are exempt from upgrade fees.
1.8T EA888 Gen 1 - All Wheel Drive $149.99 Free!
2.0T EA113 (K03 Turbo) - All Wheel Drive $149.99 Free!
2.0T EA113 (K04 Turbo) - All Wheel Drive $149.99 Free!
2.0T EA888 Gen 1 - All Wheel Drive $149.99 Free!
2.0T EA888 Gen 2 - All Wheel Drive $149.99 Free!
76mm to 60mm reducer
Product Part Number Price  
76 to 60mm reducer for 1.8T engines EXH0015$14.99BUY NOW

Universal 76mm Catback Fit Kit

APR’s cast Race DP exhaust system mates perfectly to the factory catback exhaust system with the included reducer. For compatibility with most 76mm catback exhaust systems, a 76mm link pipe must be installed between the Race DP and catback. APR’s universal fit kit includes a 300mm link pipe and clamp that can be cut to length for compatibility across a wide range of systems.

Universal 76mm Catback Fit Kit
Description Part Number Price  
Universal Fit Kit FIT0001$59.99BUY NOW
Fit Kit

Stage III/III+ Midpipe Kit

This part is only necessary if an APR Stage III/III+ Turbocharger System was purchased and the vehicle does not have an APR Race DP. The kit includes a midpipe with catalyst, reducer and clamps. The turbocharger systems include the necessary components to connect the midpipe to the turbo.

Description Part Number Price  
Midpipe Kit (For DPK0001 vehicles) MPK0004$624.99Find a Dealer
Midpipe Kit (For DPK0016 vehicles) *No Resonator MPK0006$474.99Find a Dealer
Midpipe Kit

Universal Stage III/III+ Cast Race DP Kit

This part upgrades the legacy Stage III/III+ Race DP to the new universal cast design. The system includes the new cast Race DP, turbo outlet gasket, nuts, and bracketry. This part is included with our latest Stage III/III+ Turbocharger Systems and is only necessary if desired.

Description Part Number Price  
Universal Stage III/III+ Cast Race DP DPK0025$499.99Please Call
Race DP Kit

warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For a list of APR part numbers associated chemicals, go to https://www.goapr.com/prop65/. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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