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APR Presents the Golf R & S3 Stage II ECU Upgrade & Quarter Mile Record!

APR Presents the Golf R & S3 Stage II ECU Upgrade & Quarter Mile Record!


APR is pleased to announce the Stage II ECU Upgrade for the Golf R and S3 is now available for the North American market with other markets around the world to follow. APR’s Stage II ECU Upgrade is designed to work with APR’s upcoming Cast Race DP Exhaust System and builds upon APR’s already incredible Stage I ECU Upgrade. When combined with APR’s Intake System, peak power and torque figures grow further over Stage I to produce an astonishing 382 horsepower and 387 ft-lbs of torque! The additional hardware and tuning allows the turbo to spool much sooner, and ultimately results in a gain of 36 horsepower over Stage I and a staggering 100 horsepower over stock! APR anticipates the new AWD Cast Race DP System to be available later this year.

The additional power directly translates to a quicker vehicle in real world testing. APR was able to achieve a quarter mile pass of 12.8@105.7 MPH on an unmodified Golf R and as quick as 12.0@111.7 MPH at stage I with 93 octane fuel. By adding APR’s upcoming cast Race DP system, Stage II ECU Upgrade and 93 octane fuel, APR’s Golf R set a new stock turbo world record pass and shaved more than a second off of the stock time with an 11.7@114.4 MPH pass! This was achieved at Montgomery Motorsport Park in Alabama, an NHRA certified track, at full vehicle weight with APR 19×8.5 wheels and Michelin PSS tires.

APR’s Stage II ECU Upgrade intentionally limits peak torque in an effort to avoid factory clutch slip. As such, 93 octane Stage I and II ECU Upgrades make nearly the same midrange torque but differ in peak power. Also, due to reduced boost pressure, APR was to achieve similar torque figures with 91 and 93 octane. Reaching MBT on 93 octane negated the need for higher-octane software. For those looking for more modest gains, lower torque, and to further avoid clutch slip should the high output software offer too much, APR’s Stage 2 lower output software is available. The low output software offers nearly the same peak power and quicker spool, but with less midrange torque.

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