Version 2.5 Now Available for the 2.0 TSI as Found in the MK6 GTI and Similar Vehicles.

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We are pleased to announce a free update for the MK6 GTI 2.0 TSI and similar platform vehicles. This update addresses user feedback on DSG shift quality and a low RPM boost oscillation. The update is available at all APR dealers today, and is available as version 2.5 for Stage 1, Stage 1+ and Stage 2 ECU Upgrades for the following ECU box codes and revisions:

06J906021 S5385
06J906021C S5869
06J906021C S6993
06J906026D S3945
06J906026E S2425
06J906027F S8068
06J906027H S8630
06J906027H S9004
06J906027J S1637
06J906027J S2907
06J906027K S2908
06J906027L S8318
06J906027M S8324
06J906026AF S3318
06J906026AF S4060
06J906026AG S3319
06J906026AG S4061
06J906026AR S2718
06J906026AR S3705
06J906026AR S5271
06J906026DA S6987
06J906026DP S6988
06J906026DR S6990
06J906026EQ S8445
06J906026FB S5844
06J906026FC S5623
06J906027AB S6447
06J906027AB S7378
06J906027AB S7506
06J906027AC S9655
06J906027AC S9970
06J906027AP S9005
06J906027CK S0894
06J906027CL S0857
06J906027CM S3266
06J906027DF S2465
06J906027DN S257
06J906027FD S3951
06J906027FD S5368
06J906027FE S3952
06J906027FE S5369
06J906027FH S4351
06J906027FJ S4352
06J906027FS S5082
06J906027GP S5696
06J906027GQ S5697
06J906027GS S5699
06J906027HF S7686
06J906027JA S7828
06J906027JC S7829
06J906027JK S1336
06J906027JL S1337
06J906027JS S3232
06J997027B S5380
06J997028S S1503
06J997029C S1508
06J997029D S1509
06J997029E S1510
06J997029F S1511
06J997029G S1512
06J997029H S1513
06J997029J S1514
06J997029K S1515
06J997029L S1516
1K0907115AB S0020
1K0907115AB S0030
1K0907115AD S0060
1K0907115AE S0030
1K0907115AE S0040
1K0907115AF S0010
1K0907115AL S0030
1K0907115AM S0030
1K0907115AP S0020
1K0907115AP S0030
1K0907115AP S0040
1K0907115AQ S0030
1K0907115AQ S0040
1K0907115AS S0010
1K0907115AS S0020
1K0907115AS S0040
1K0907115AT S0010
1K0907115AT S0020
1K0907115AT S0040
1K8907115 S0020
1K8907115 S0030
1K8907115 S0030
1Q0907115M S0020
5K0907115 S0040
5K0907115 S0050
5K0907115A S0040
5K0907115N S0010
5K7907115 S0010
6J906027AC S6452

Thank you and Go APR!

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