The New APR Cast Race DP Exhaust Systems!

By: APR | 03/10/2015 < Back to Blog Home


Have you seen the new APR Cast Race DP Exhaust Systems? Four new investment-cast Race DP were recently released with applications covering nearly every direct injected 1.8T and 2.0T engine found in Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda compact and mid-sized vehicles. Each system is fine tuned to deliver the best performance and quality with many key benefits not seen elsewhere in the market!

Currently released 1.8T and 2.0T systems:

Key benefits:

  • High quality, designed, assembled and QCed in-house.
  • T304L stainless steel design with argon back-purged TIG welding.
  • High-velocity, low-turbulence cast Race DP with port-matched inlet.
  • Low-profile, sealed and corrugated flex section.
  • 8mm billet bracket
  • 76mm brushed and de-burred, non-swedged piping.
  • Investment cast bungs.
  • 300 cell, 100mm x 100mm GESI catalyst.
  • OEM-style slip-on clamps.
  • Broadband noise cancelling resonators (AWD model).
  • APR Stage II ECU Upgrade price waived.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Please visit each product page for an in-depth look into each new system and stay tuned for more releases!

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