Bosch MG1 is Cracked!

By: APR | 07/31/2019 < Back to Blog Home

MG1, the "untunable" ECU in the new S4, RS5, Tiguan, and many others is cracked. We're tuning these vehicles now. Everyone will be rushing to get a product to market first, but we at APR will be doing things differently, like always. Take a peek into what we do to prepare an engine for tuning. We drop the engine and load it up with sensors and transducers so we're able to deeply understand the changes we're making to the system. This goes well beyond data we can get from the ecu alone as these sensors don't exist unless we add them. Our development process will include work on the dyno, on the street, in various countries, at altitude, at sea level, in cold (Southern hemisphere) and in the hot (northern hemisphere) through our extensive dealer network and beta group. We'll developer hardware and software and deliver the best possible solution. We will not rush and we will do it right the first time.

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