APR Presents 2011 2.0 TFSI ECU Upgrades!

10 min read

APR Presents 2011 2.0 TFSI ECU Upgrades!

10 min read

APR is pleased to announce 2011 2.0 TFSI B8 A4/A5 & Q5 ECU Upgrades are now available at APR Dealers worldwide and On Sale!

The following Stages are available:

  • APR Stage I – For use with a stock engine or light bolt-ons such as an intake, intercooler or catback exhaust
  • APR Stage II – For use with an APR Performance Exhaust System
  • APR K04 – For use with an APR K04 Turbocharger System

The following Programs are available:

  • Stock
  • 91 Octane (R+M)/2 or 95 RON
  • 93 Octane (R+M)/2 or 98 RON
  • 100 Octane (R+M)/2 or 104 RON
  • Valet

The following 2011 ECU’s are available:

  • 8K2 907 115 AD – S0002 – B8 A4/A5
  • 8K2 907 115 AD – S0003 – B8 A4/A5
  • 8R0 907 115 H – S0003 – Q5

How do I find my ECU Box Code:

  • If you have a vag-com, follow this guide: ECU Box Code
  • If you don’t have a vag-com, visit an APR Dealer and they can look it up!

What if my ECU Box Code is different:

  • The APR dealer can Code Extract your ECU and we’ll make software available as soon as possible!

Sale Pricing:

2011 ECU’s are on sale till March 8th. A single program is $549 and a fully loaded ECU is $599. A fully loaded ECU gets you 4 programs, program switching, security lockout, fault code erase and anti-theft. No clumsy external devices required to switch programs.

Please check back for updates as new ECU’s become available!

Please contact an APR Dealer for local incentives and to set an appointment!


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