APR is Pleased to Announce Free Updates to our Golf R ECU Upgrades!

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APR’s Engineering Teams have finished final testing of new version 3.31 Stage I, I+ and Stage II+ 2.0T ECU Calibrations for the Golf R. The new ECU Upgrade improves upon power deliver on top of what was previously a tremendous upgrade over stock! Amidst addressing all previous concerns, additional motorsport features were added to further enhance your driving experience. All updates are now available at APR dealers and are offered as a FREE update for APR ECU Upgrade customers!

APR’s Calibration and Software Experts focused heavily upon increasing the overall drivability and performance of the 2.0T well beyond dyno numbers alone. Through implementation of the new patent pending APR Boost Control Strategy shared with our Stage III Turbocharger System, the ECU is now able to properly control boost pressure levels much higher than possible with the factory code alone. Specific calibration changes were made to enhance turbocharger spool rates, reducing lag to give the drive a more direct and connected linear feel to the accelerator pedal. Overall volumetric efficiency was enhanced through calibration changes resulting in more ignition advance towards redline, cooler exhaust gases, increased power and torque, and improved fuel economy depending on driving habits.

To further enhance your driving experience, APR outfitted the 2.0T with a Quattro GMBH inspired Motorsport Revlimiter as found on all other R and RS models currently being produced. Rather than softly slowing down acceleration several hundred RPM before the rev limiter, the 2.0T will now freely rev up to the new, clearly identifiable redline at 7,100 RPM and may make all the difference in a competitive head to head sprint on the track!

APR’s pleased to announce intake specific calibrations for use with high quality intake systems removing the factory engine cover. The factory Golf R’s intake is integrated into the engine cover, presenting a restrictive intake setup from the factory. APR’s Calibration Experts were able to extract more power from the engine by running a full intake system, which removes the factory cover. By removing the factory intake system, the engine’s operating parameters could be dramatically changed, but in doing so, other parameters were adjusted to ensure smooth operation with strict boost control, no throttle closure and surge avoidance in the low to mid RPM range. Expect more power and a better driving experience!

With now over 60 combinations of ECU Upgrades available for the Golf R platform alone at various levels of modification and fuel grades, APR’s sure to have an ECU upgrade to fit your needs! Take a look at some of the example outputs on our Product Page.

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