APR is Pleased to Announce a Free Upgrade to our Golf R Stage III Turbocharger System!

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APR’s Engineering Teams have finished final testing of new version 2.1 Stage III GTX software for the Golf R, S3 and TT-S K04 based EA113 2.0T FSI engines. The new ECU Upgrade improves upon torque and power across the entire power band. Amidst addressing all previous concerns, additional strategies were added to further enhance your driving experience. All updates are now available at APR dealers around the globe and are offered as a FREE update for all APR Stage III GTX customers!

Version 1.0 vs Version 2.1 – WHP (Front Hubs Only)

APR’s Calibration and Software Experts focused heavily upon increasing the overall drivability and performance of the 2.0T FSI Stage III well beyond dyno numbers alone. Through implementation of the new patent pending APR Boost Control Strategy, the ECU is now able to properly control boost pressure levels much higher than possible with the factory code alone. Specific calibration changes were made to enhance turbocharger spool rates, reducing lag to give the drive a more direct and connected feel to the accelerator pedal. Overall volumetric efficiency was enhanced through calibration changes resulting in more ignition advance towards redline, cooler exhaust gases, increased power and torque, and improved fuel economy depending on driving habits.

Calibration Report
430 HP / 413 FT-LBS of Torque – Wheel ChartCrank Chart – 91 Octane
443 HP / 422 FT-LBS of Torque – Wheel ChartCrank Chart – 93 Octane
476 HP / 460 FT-LBS of Torque – Wheel ChartCrank Chart – 100 Octane

The latest software coincides with a recent change to the APR Stage III GTX Turbocharger System. No longer is an upgraded low-pressure fuel pump and control module necessary to achieve these power figures. The factory units may be reinstalled without consequence.

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