APR B8 S4 ECU Development Progress

By: APR | 08/18/2010 < Back to Blog Home

all wheel power APR is pleased to present our newest accomplishments with the all new Audi S4. As the highly anticipated ECU Upgrade draws near, we would like to share our current development progress with you.

Please enjoy the following dyno graphs and check back at goapr.com for more updates as they become available.

Same day, Same Dyno, Same Car using APR’s Engineering Test Methods. We are sharing uncorrected all wheel data, SAE corrected all wheel data, estimated crank data and the delta between each dyno. Testing days were in the 90+F. The APR RSC Exhaust was used during the stock and APR Beta ECU dynos.

Uncorrected Wheel

Uncorrected Crank

Corrected Wheel

Corrected Crank

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