When swapping ECUs, the ECU must be adapted or the engine will not start. Adapting a new ECU wipes out the original ECU. APR's Immobilier clone lets you create a virtual copy of the ECU so you can swap back and forth with an APR EMCS (Chipped) equipped ECU.

Immobilizer 2

The ECU must be adapted in an Immobilizer II equipped vehicle by logging into the vehicle engine diagnostics with the proper equipment and following the factory procedure.

Immobilizer 3

The ECU must be adapted using the factory procedure with the ECU connected to the appropriate equipment. You must contact the MFG with your vehicle's VIN and Cluster ID to request the appropriate code. This can be difficult to acquire.


  • Computer running windows
  • APR Immobilizer Utility
  • APR EMCS (Chipped) equipped ECU with compatible software (Typically any APR EMCS version after May 6th, 2001).
  • OBDII Cable (VWTool, Vag-Com, VCDS, or Similar)


  • Install the Stock ECU into the car
  • Connect the OBDII Cable
  • Start the APR Immobilizer Utility
  • Select the correct Serial Port used by the cable
  • Turn the ignition on (engine off)
  • Click "Read"
  • Save the file
  • Leave the ignition on
  • Install the APR EMCS (Chipped) ECU into the car
  • Upload the Immobilizer Data
  • When complete, turn the ignition off for 15 seconds
  • Start the engine
  • Clear all DTCs

Please note, this is legacy software and is no longer fully supported. Use at your own risk.