Background Information

The United States version of the MK6 Golf R comes from the factory without the ability to disable traction control. Clicking the traction control button only disables the ASR (Anti-Slip) feature, but holding the button does not disable the ESP/ESC (Stability Control) like all of the other Golf Rs around the world. Disabling this feature is necessary to professionally drive a Golf R around a professional road course.

This tutorial will give you the ability to have full control over your ESP/ESC system.

Required hardware: Vag-Com cable and laptop with the latest version of vag-com.

Disclaimer: This information is now public domain. Please use caution. For off road use only.

How to enable the ability to turn on and off ESP/ESC through VAG-COM

  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Plug in the vag-com cable into the OBDII port.
  • Load Vag-Com and ensure you have the latest BETA release.
  • Click "Select" under "Select Control Module."
  • Click "03 - ABS Brakes."
  • Click "Coding - 07."
  • Copy the long coding information from the screen and save it in a safe place. You'll need this information later if you ever need to go back.
  • Change Byte 6 from 0 to 8.
  • Change Byte 14 from 0 to 1.
  • Click "Do It" and if the coding is correct, you'll have the ability to turn ESP/ESC off by holding the traction control button.

Original Long Coding: