APR 2022+ VW GTI (MK8) ECU Upgrades are here! (US/CA)


APR 2022+ VW GTI (MK8) ECU Upgrades are here! (US/CA)


APR 2022+ VW GTI (MK8) ECU Upgrades are here! (US/CA)

We're excited to announce our Engine Control Unit (ECU) Upgrades are now available for the Volkswagen GTI (MK8) 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 4 engine with the Continental Simos 19 ECU! Expect massive gains with up to 328-392 HP with 391-428 FT-LBS of torque on tap, depending on octane and mods! This represents up to 57% more horsepower at the wheels, over stock! Additionally APR Plus is available which adds a factory term limit matching limited powertrain warranty and is offered on our 87 AKI or 91 AKI ECU upgrades!

Our new suite of Simos 19 ECU software comes after months of extensive research and development that is typically absent from the aftermarket. Our upgrade makes the engine more powerful and more exciting. We’ve extensively calibrated the system to work flawlessly in various driving conditions while retaining safety routines to protect your engine in the most demanding scenarios. This was all made possible by our engineering team's pursuit of perfection. Development vehicles were outfitted with additional sensors, including turbo shaft speed sensors, thermocouples, transducers, and more, along with our high speed direct RAM logging equipment, to feed valuable data to the team for analysis. After many hours of testing and tuning we created new calibrations that are fine tuned for several octanes and contain hundreds of map changes, with a vast array of safety features built in.

The result of this work is nothing short of astounding. Not only have we increase power, we’ve added many safety routines to ensure the engine and components are protected under demanding scenarios. Additionally we’ve added features to enhance the driving experience! We’ve added brake boosting / left foot braking, removed the vehicle speed limiter, raised the standing limiter, set auto start/stop to retain your last used mode, properly rescaled the boost and power gauges, developed a linear and flat torque curve, and linearized the throttle pedal.

To protect the engine and components we’ve spent a considerable amount of time tuning safety routines, some of which were not active from the factory. The engine has advanced LSPI protection to prevent the engine from damage when being lugged in the tallest gears. Excessive intake air temperature, which is common on a dynamometer, will cause power to reduce to protect the engine. Furthermore more we’ve added and calibrated protection routines for turbocharger pressure ratios, shaft speed, exhaust pressure, intake air temperature, turbo discharge temperature, coolant temperature, oil temperature, lambda, fueling system limitations, and more.

APR Plus, Stage 1, and Stage 2

The APR Stage 1 and Stage 2 ECU upgrades are designed for use on the factory turbocharger. The ECU alone with no hardware mods produces 328-375 HP and 391-427 FT-LBS with +63-105 WHP and +96-129 WFT-LBS over stock, depending on fuel grade. By adding hardware such as our intake and intercooler, the tune automatically jump to Stage 2 power levels and produces 345-392 HP and 391-428 FT-LBS with +76-122 WHP and +96-131 WFT-LBS over stock, depending on fuel grade. Adding more mods will increase power further.

For manual transmission vehicles torque can be optionally limited to help alleviate stress on the factory clutch. On DSG/S-Tronic equipped vehicles, torque is also limited, but the limit is removed with our Transmission Control Unit (TCU) upgrade.

This tune is available for 87, 91, 93, 100, and 104 AKI fuel grades, as well as E60-E85 Ethanol in North America.

APR Plus is optionally available and adds our limited powertrain warranty to this stage. It's available for 87 or 91 AKI fuel grades in the USA and requires the use of original factory or APR approved hardware only.

When selecting a fuel grade, a minimum of that fuel grade must be used. Using higher fuel grades is permissible.

APR ECU Upgrades

  • Delivers up to 328-375 HP with 391-427 FT-LBS (Stage 1)
  • Delivers up to 345-392 HP with 391-428 FT-LBS (Stage 2)
  • Max gains of +63-105 HP and +96-129 FT-LBS at the wheels (Stage 1)
  • Max gains of +76-122 HP and +96-131 FT-LBS at the wheels (Stage 2)
  • HP gains as high as 25-47% over stock at the wheels (Stage 1)
  • HP gains as high as 34-57% over stock at the wheels (Stage 2)
  • Torque gains as high as 35-47% over stock at the wheels (Stage 1)
  • Torque gains as high as 35-50% over stock at the wheels (Stage 2)
  • Supports 87 AKI, 91 AKI, 93 AKI, 100 AKI, 104 AKI, and E60-E85 fuel grades (Stage 1 & 2)
  • Supports 87 AKI or 91 AKI fuel grades (APR Plus)
  • Ethanol support with no additional hardware required (Stage 1 & 2)
  • Factory term limit matching limited powertrain warranty (APR Plus)
  • Makes more power with more mods without a new reflash
  • Makes more torque with our TCU upgrade
  • Standing RPM soft limiter increased
  • Left-foot braking / brake boosting added
  • Speed limiter removed
  • Auto Start/Stop defaults to your last picked option
  • Properly rescaled performance gauges
  • Properly rescaled boost gauge
  • Linear throttle mapping
  • Flat torque mapping
  • Optional torque limited mapping available for manual transmissions
  • ECO mode limits output to further promote fuel savings
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Supports standard bolt on modifications and TCU upgrades
  • Optimized thermal management and additional protection
  • Optimized high-gear LSPI protection and turbocharger protection added
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Direct OBDII port flash (No ECU removal required)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
APR ECU Upgrades


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