APR Lowering Springs and Bump Stops for the VW MK8 GTI!


APR Lowering Springs and Bump Stops for the VW MK8 GTI!


APR Roll-Control Lowering Springs greatly improve the looks and handling of your Volkswagen MK8 GTI without greatly sacrificing comfort or your wallet! Designed for use with DCC or Non-DCC dampers, our performance lowering springs are a direct plug-and-play upgrade that offer a lower center of gravity and increased spring rates to reduce body roll.

Many lowering springs on the market today simply lower your vehicle and give a false sense of improvement by feeling overly stiff. We took a different approach with our design. We extensively track and street tested several iterations to deliver a system that not only makes your MK8 GTI look great, but does so while delivering a comfortable experience that doesn’t constantly crash and bottom out the dampers. Through a proper ride height configuration, we’re able to greatly increase spring rates for improved handling, but do so without leaving the ride harsh, bouncy, and uncomfortable. Your MK8 GTI will be planted with a minimal impact on comfort. It’s a system you’ll love the second you’re behind the wheel!

These springs were designed in house and manufactured in the USA using a premium high tensile chrome silicon steel for excellent resilience against sagging and failure for years to come. Each spring comes powder coated in our signature red color, further protecting the spring from the elements. The front and rear springs are a dual rate spring that will operate as a single rate, linear spring, under normal loaded driving situations. All center of wheel to fender (CF) measurements were recorded on our in-house US Spec 2022 MK8 GTI (DCC) test vehicles and may vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle. Lastly, while this system was designed specifically for the MK8 GTI, it will fit other similar platform vehicles.


US 2022 MK8 GTI (DCC) Front:

362 mm (OEM) vs 340 mm (APR) or a 22 mm reduction in CF Height

202 lbs/in (OEM) vs 274 lbs/in (APR) or a 36% increase in Spring Rate

US 2022 MK8 GTI (DCC) Rear:

368 mm (OEM) vs 340 mm (APR) or a 29 mm reduction in CF Height

280 lbs/in (OEM) vs 420 lbs/in (APR) or a 50% increase in Spring Rate

APR GLI Lowering Springs

  • Lowers 22 mm or .87 in Front / 29 mm or 1.14 in Rear (DCC)
  • Increases Spring Rate 36% or +72 lbs/in at 274 lbs/in Front / 50% or +140 lbs/in at 420 lbs/in Rear (DCC)
  • Dual Rate Spring (164 lbs/in to 270 lbs/in Front)
  • Dual Rate Spring (320 lbs/in to 420 lbs/in Rear)
  • Operates as a single rate “linear” spring during loaded usage
  • Greatly improves vehicles stance and appearance
  • Remains comfortable on the street
  • Lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity
  • Reduces body roll
  • Improves handling
  • Does not easily bottom out dampers
  • Designed for use with DCC and Non-DCC OEM dampers
  • Direct plug-and-play
  • Made from a high tensile chrome silicon steel that resists sagging and failure
  • Powder coated red finish protects springs from corrosion
  • Made in the USA
APR GLI Lowering Springs

APR Bumpstops

  • Designed for lowered vehicles
  • Improve handling and comfort
  • Shorter than stock, enabling vehicle lowering, without being overly short
  • Increased durometer than stock without being overly harsh
  • Progressive spring rate with a soft “nose” to provide a gentle engagement
  • Perfect match to APR Roll-Control Lowering Springs
  • OEM external dimensions for factory fit compatibility
  • OEM quality black PUR (Polyurethane) material for durability and longevity
  • Includes all 4 bumpstops: 2 front and 2 rear
APR Bumpstops


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