APR Logos and Style Guide

Please discontinue use of all old versions of the APR Logo an update your site using the new guide line where possible.

Download the APR Style Guide This file explains how to use the various APR logos.

The folder "use-for-web-png" contains each logo in a transparent raster format (PNG) with RGB colors. This type of file is much like a JPG, except it has a transparent background and no loss of quality. This means there will not be a white or black box around the logo, and it can easily be placed on photos without an issue. If you do not have software capable of working with vector images, this folder will contain all logos necessary for use on your web based images. The images are large and can be scaled down, but they cannot be scaled larger without a loss of quality.

In most cases, only the following three logos will ever be used:

APR Logo: apr-3d-color.png
For use with all APR related items.

APR Motorsport Logo: apr-motorsport-3d-color-black.png
For use with only APR Motorsport Racing related items.

Advanced Users:

The folder "use-for-web-vector" contains each logo in an adobe vector format (EPS) with RGB Colors. These logos should ONLY be used for images displayed on your computer screen and not for print. The files are vector based, and can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality. You will need a program such as Adobe Illustrator to edit the files and Adobe Photoshop to simply view and place the files on your existing images.

The folder "use-for-print-vector" contains each logo in an adobe vector format (EPS) with CMYK Colors. These logos should ONLY be used for print as they are based on CMYK colors. A program such as Adobe Illustrator will be necessary to work with these files.

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