APR Roll-Control Coilover System (MQB / MQB EVO)


APR Roll-Control Coilover System (MQB / MQB EVO)


The APR Roll-Control Coilover System offers a wide range of adjustment to fully customize your vehicle's suspension setup! The system comes complete with front and rear struts and dampers, both of which have 32-points of dampening adjustment and a full range of height and preload adjustment. The fully threaded adjustable shock bodies allow for easy height adjustments without altering spring preload and travel. The front struts include camber plates that allow for dialing in your vehicle's otherwise non-adjustable front camber. In total, the system is a comprehensive upgrade that puts you fully in control to setup your vehicle for street, track, or show, all in one complete package!

Suspension is often one of the first items enthusiasts tackle on their vehicle. From the factory, vehicle ride heights are intentionally placed extremely high which often leaves the show-room floor vehicles looking goofy compared to their original design intent. This high center of gravity and overly soft setup often leaves much to be desired when it comes to handling performance. With our coilover suspension system, this is eliminated. The system is fully height adjustable in the front and rear with adjustable shock bodies, allowing you to perfectly balance the height and damping to your designed specs.

For the track:

Track enthusiasts can corner balance the vehicle for better grip and handling with a lower center of gravity. The dampening adjustments allow you to stiffen up the shocks too perfectly match your ride height and track conditions, and the camber plates let you be aggressive to promote better turn in and handling in the most demanding situations.

For the street:

Every day driving is dramatically different than the track, and this system allows you to balance, comfort, looks, handling, and tire wear thought height, damping, and camber adjustments. Many will find they prefer a slightly higher daily height, softer dampening, and more neutral camber adjustment. That's all possible with this system thanks to the extreme amount of adjustment at your fingertips!

For the show:

Lowering for a show often means going to the extremes in ride height and camber often to levels many would not consider practical for every day driving. While excessively lowering the vehicle and dialing in high levels of negative camber can negatively impact performance, it does turn heads and can look great for photos or at a show. Airbags typically give you this ability with ease, but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to daily driving or driving on the track. Our system lets you dial in the suspension for a show or photoshoot while retaining the ability to return to a practical setup for the street, or an aggressive setup for the track! It's the best of all three worlds!

APR Roll-Control Coilover System

  • Fully adjustable front and rear ride height adjustments
  • Fully adjustable front and rear spring preload adjustments
  • Ride height and spring preload adjust independently with fully threaded shock bodies
  • Fully adjustable front and rear damping (32-steps from soft to hard)
  • Fully adjustable front camber via integrated camber plates
  • High-viscosity oil-filled gas-charged front and rear monotube struts and dampers
  • High tensile strength front and rear linear springs (448 lbs/in front, 280 lbs/in rear)
  • High quality front camber spherical bearings
  • Poly isolators to reduce sound
  • Integrated front and rear bump stops with dust boots
  • Anodized fittings and plated components for corrosion resistance
  • Adjustment tools included
  • Front collar sleeves allow for install on 50mm and 55mm front struts
  • Rear bearing sleeves allow for install on thin and wide rear lower arms
APR Roll-Control Coilover System


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