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Reverse Engineer

Reverse Engineer


Reverse Engineer will work with their assigned team to analyze and gain access to read/write capabilities, create vehicle ECU memory maps, and seek information about future and existing vehicle platforms, as required by a given vehicle target. Candidates must be proficient with binary analysis techniques and familiar with vulnerability types such as heap corruption, use after free, and buffer overflows. Projects will be undertaken in small teams with close coordination with other departments. A typical day may involve extracting firmware from a board, studying disassembly, or writing code to audit a device.

Job Requirements:

Proficient with static and dynamic binary analysis techniques. Familiar with software vulnerabilities Experience reading and writing PowerPC, Infineon Tricore, and x86 assembly code. Experience using reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro. Comfortable working in a Linux environment. Use penetration tools to gain access to vehicle bus’s and systems.

• Fundamental understanding of C/C++and assembly
• Extensive experience with scripting and scripting languages
• Extensive knowledge of decompiler/disassembly tools, especially IDA Pro

Qualifications & Experience:

• Industry experience or passion for the industry. Understands industry trends, competitors, and consumers. Loves vehicles, racing, power, speed, performance
• Drive. Has a good track record of taking initiative and intelligent risks. Is willing to get hands dirty and make sure the job gets done
• Experience in programming vehicles using industry tools and devices
• Experience in powertrain knowledge (gasoline, hybrid, and diesel) control
• Automotive Communication layer experience (CAN/FlexRay/Ethernet)
• Bachelors or masters degree in CS, EE, Hacking, or equivalent experience.
• Experience with hack-a-thons, capture the flags, or vulnerability analysis
• Significant experience related to embedded vulnerability research
• Expert in C#, .NET, Java, MFC, Software Design Patterns, and other application programming skills
• Analytical and financial aptitude. Understands setting objectives and measurement systems.
• Leadership and Communication skills. Very strong written and oral communication skills.

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