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Keith Brantley’s APR Tuned RS3 Runs 9’s in the Quarter Mile

Keith Brantley’s APR Tuned RS3 Runs 9’s in the Quarter Mile

First 2.5 TFSI EVO in the 9’s with a 9.83@144.39 MPH!

APR’s development on the 2.5 TFSI EVO continues with yet another set of records for the platform. On May 1st 2018, Keith Brantley piloted his APR Tuned RS3 into the 9’s, and backed up his record with eight 9-second passes! In doing so he set several records for the platform, including the following:

9.83 Seconds – Quarter Mile ET
144.41 MPH – Quarter Mile Trap Speed
2.44 Seconds – 0-60 MPH via Dragy
4.79 Seconds – 60-120 MPH via Dragy
5.91 Seconds – 60-130 MPH via Dragy

Keith’s 9-second passes were as follows, including conditions, at Montgomery Raceway Park in Montgomery, Alabama:

9.96@141.64 – 2,175 FT Density Altitude (86.7F, 29%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
9.97@141.86 – 2,187 FT Density Altitude (86.1F, 31%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
9.96@141.53 – 2,197 FT Density Altitude (86.0F, 32%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
9.86@142.20 – 1,924 FT Density Altitude (81.4F, 40%, 29.86 In.Hg.)
9.91@142.47 – 1,930 FT Density Altitude (80.3F, 47%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
9.89@000.00 – 1,571 FT Density Altitude (74.6F, 61%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
9.83@144.39 – 1,382 FT Density Altitude (71.3F, 69%, 29.88 In.Hg.)
9.90@144.41 – 1,341 FT Density Altitude (70.8F, 69%, 29.88 In.Hg.)


Keith’s vehicle setup and modifications were as follows:

2018 Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI
APR ECU & TCU Upgrades with E85
TTE625 Drop-in Stock-Housing Turbo
Intake System
Straight-Pipe / Dump Tube Exhaust System
Intercooler System
Fueling System
18×8.5 Wheels
245x40R18 Hoosier Drag Radials
Seats Removed

Overall we’re impressed with the setup. Keith’s RS3 laid down over 600 WHP on our dyno, and was extremely capable at the drag strip. Given the turbo’s moderate size, the system makes for an excellent daily driver, without introducing significant lag, as is often the case with much larger, and more capable turbochargers. We would like to stress this is not a production product we currently sell, and much of the hardware upgrades are prototypes and proofs of concept. Our production hardware will begin rolling out later this year. Please stay tuned for more details while we continue to work on adding Program Switching and Full Encryption to the ECU to protect our world-class and record-setting ECU Upgrades before our official release!

Thank you to Keith Brantley for giving us the opportunity to make his RS3 fast. A special shout-out to Jeffrey Sanders and Montgomery Raceway Park for their hospitality and track prep! And thank you to Richard Conniff at Jack Ingram for all our VW, Audi and Porsche purchases!


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