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APR S6/S7 Stage 2 Quarter Mile with APR Cast Race DP!


Using the upcoming APR 4.0 TFSI Cast Exhaust Race DP and new APR Stage II ECU Upgrade, we set out to test the C7 S6 and C7 S7 in various configurations, ultimately resulting in two new and exciting records! The S6 was outfitted with the APR Stage II ECU Upgrade, APR TCU Upgrade, APR Cast Downpipes, 93 octane fuel and all season tires on factory wheels at full vehicle weight. With a 1.733 60 foot time, the best result of the day was an 11.388@121.81 MPH. The heavier S7 was outfitted with the same mods, but ran with Sunoco GT260+ 104 Octane fuel and Michelin tires on APR Wheels, again at full vehicle weight. With a 1.678 60 FT time the best result of the day was an 11.019@124.61 MPH! The density altitude remained close to 0 feet all day according to dragtimes.com. For comparison sake, our best results with the factory equipped vehicle was 12.216@112.42 MPH and 11.628@117.83 MPH using only our Stage I ECU Upgrade, and 93 octane fuel. Over the course of the day, we ran several times, backing the 11.3 pump fuel results. We frustratingly backed the 11.0 multiple times, mere hundreds away from our goal of a 10.9 on factory turbo. The video does not show the fastest runs as those were captured after the film crew left as they had prior Super Bowl Sunday obligations. On the dyno, the Stage II ECU Upgrade, paired with the APR Cast Race DP offers a substantial leap in power and torque, which contributes heavily to to the faster times at the track. Stay tuned for the official release and GO APR!


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