APR Stage III – More Power Through Motorsport

By: APR | 08/22/2011 < Back to Blog Home

APR is pleased to present a new ECU Calibration Strategy for all VW/Audi Transversal 2.0 TSI Stage III Turbocharger Systems


APR’s Engineering Team has finished final testing of a new ECU Calibration for APR’s 2.0 TSI Stage III Turbocharger Systems. The results are an additional 65 hp and 75 lb ft of torque. Simultaneously, APR presents a road course mode available through EMCS exclusively for the 2.0 TSI Stage III that provides a similar torque delivery profile to APR’s original ECU Calibration as included in the Stage III System.

APR has over 2 years of experience reaching the limits of the OEM internals through participation in the GRAND-AM Road Racing Series. Automotive Engineering firms have continuously turned to endurance racing as proving grounds for new technologies and to measure the durability and viability of these new technologies in a rigorous total system accelerated life-testing environment found in very few alternatives. Through this testing and research APR’s Engineering Team is able to deliver a more powerful application of the Stage III Turbocharger System and do so knowing little to no loss of life will be suffered in comparison to the Original Calibration and engine performance levels.

As APR’s Original Calibration was developed to help manage torque application in low traction situations, APR’s Engineering Team will offer 2.0 TSI Stage III owners the ability to use their OEM cruise control stalk to select a similar torque delivery profile to APR’s original ECU Calibration or the new Calibration power levels to best suit their driving situation in most currently available fuel quality specific calibrations. For the first time ever and only available to this application, APR introduces calibrations with drastically different power levels for the same fuel quality through EMCS.

Existing 2.0 TSI Stage III owners may contact their local APR Dealer for a free update (excluding labor where applicable) to the new v2.0 ECU Calibration. Go APR!

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