APR S8 Quarter Mile Comparison - Stock vs APR Stage I

10 min read

APR S8 Quarter Mile Comparison - Stock vs APR Stage I

10 min read

The APR ECU Upgrade for the Audi S8 is generating a tremendous leap in power over the already incredibly fast setup from the factory. You can read more about the upgrade on our product page:

Yesterday we decided to see how much of a difference our software makes in a quarter mile acceleration test in several different forms. We tested with no modifications at all, other than replacement Michelin PSS tires for our factory 21 inch wheels.

In completely stock form the car put down impressive times as seen below. With 93 octane in the gas tank we also tried our stage 1 ECU upgrade and later filled in 100 octane, switched to our 100 octane race program and collected more data.

The results for such a large vehicle were nothing short than outstanding. We ran all runs in Sport mode with ESP off and Dynamic mode enabled. We made sure to turn off the air conditioning, including the massaging air-conditioned seats.

The results were as follows:

[email protected] MPH with a 1.837 60 FT - Stock
[email protected] MPH with a 1.769 60 FT - APR Stage 1 93
[email protected] MPH with a 1.748 60 FT - APR Stage 1 100

For the gear heads out there, this was performed at Montgomery Motorsport Park. We rented the track for the evening so it lacked the traditional prep and track temps that typically aid in getting the car off the line a little quicker with less wheel spin. Nonetheless, the car performed amazingly!

The vehicle was full weight, minus the spare tire too. Based on the time stamps and local weather reports, the track density altitude during each run was as follows:

1134 FT - Stock
1167 FT - APR Stage 1 93
973 FT - APR Stage 1 100

We're confident with a little better track prep, straighter driving and better weather, one could see even better results than we were able to generate, but we're happy with what we're seeing.

If you have any questions about the software, feel free to ask on here or contact APR directly at +1 (335) 502-5181.



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