APR Presents v2.1.1 TCU Upgrade for All MQB Platform Vehicles!

By: APR | 03/24/2016 < Back to Blog Home

APR is pleased to announce a free update to our existing MQB platform TCU Upgrades! Version 2.1.1 is now available for the new GTI, Golf R, A3, S3 and more and offers several enhancements and improvements over our previously released versions. The new versions brings increased clamping pressure to all vehicles at all stages, allowing the transmission to hold more torque without slipping. Launch control was improved with new torque management strategies, resulting in more consistent launches, faster torque onset, and varying torque ramp rates to help minimize wheel spin and short 1 -> 2 shifts. Based on customer feedback, part throttle shift maps were updated to prevent the transmission from racing to 6th gear, or toggling back and forth between 5th and 6th during cruising. Finally, also based on customer feedback, R/S3 platform vehicle’s 1 -> 2 part throttle shift map were adjusted to hold first gear longer.

This update is offered for free to existing APR TCU Upgrade customers at APR dealers across the globe and is currently available for over 70 different TCU box codes and revisions associated with the new GTI, Golf R, A3, S3 and more! Contact an APR dealer today to get updated!

Change Log

- Increased clamping pressure past factory limits 

  on all vehicles / stages.

- LC enabled with ESP enabled or disabled.

- Faster torque onset after launch.

- Torque ramp rate adjusted to minimize wheel 

  spin and short 1 -> 2 shift.

- More consistent launches with torque management. 

- V2.0.1 - adjusted part throttle shift maps to 

  prevent racing to 6th (based on customer feedback).

- V2.0.1 - adjusted 5 / 6 shift maps to prevent 

  toggling back and forth during cruising (based on customer feedback).

- V2.1.1 - adjusted 1 -> 2 part throttle shift 

  map [R/S3 gearing] (based on customer feedback).

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