APR Presents the MK7 Golf / GTI / R Vent Mounted Boost Gauge System!

By: APR | 12/22/2014 < Back to Blog Home

APR is pleased to present the MK7 Boost Gauge System!

The APR Boost Gauge System features a high quality and accurate electronic 52mm gauge with smooth and precise movement thanks to microprocessor driven stepper motor. The gauge’s anti-fogging polycarbonate lens allows reliable vent-mounted operation without fogging as is common on units without this design specification. Visual design cues were borrowed from the MK7 Golf, GTI and Golf R instrument clusters to deliver a dimmable LED backlit face with multiple needle colors that look right at home within the vehicle’s interior. The gauge seats neatly inside a high-quality injection-molded vent mounted pod, resembling the OEM design, allows airflow to continue past the unit and still allows operation of the vent airflow control.

APR’s plug-and-play wiring harness eliminates the headaches typically associated with integrating gauges into the factory system. The harness simply plugs into the gauge and into the factory wiring harness, eliminating the need to cut, splice and permanently alter the factory wring with specialty tools. It’s quick, simple, and carries the quality one would expect from APR.

A high-resolution 3 Bar MAP sensor mounts conveniently and tidily within the engine bay on a simple and effective firewall mounting bracket and provides the gauge with a means for reading boost and vacuum signals. OEM style wiring harness covers protect the wiring harness and provide a cleaner install and appearance. The MAP sensor needs a physical reference line to the intake manifold, and as such, APR recommends the APR Boost Tap System as the preferred delivery method. Read More…

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