APR MK6 GTI RSC Exhaust Straight Through Design - Golf ball Test.

By: APR | 02/10/2010 < Back to Blog Home

The Golf Ball Test is the best way to determine if the exhaust system youve chosen for your turbocharged car is up to the task of handling the power output from your engine. Often times, youll find that you cant even roll a marble through a traditional muffler system which makes one wonder just how restrictive that free flowing exhaust must really be. Traditional mufflers use baffles and packing material a lot like steel wool to quiet the drone and other unpleasing sounds that occur when developing an exhaust system to make power. Obviously, the more baffles and packing material you add to reduce the unpleasing sound, the more restrictive the system becomes and therefore the opportunity for maximum power output is greatly reduced. APRs RSC™ mufflers dont use traditional muffler baffles and packing material, RSC™ incorporates a straight-through design that gives you all of the power of a straight pipe exhaust system plus the comfort in the cabin that comes with absolutely ZERO drone.