APR EMCS Program Switching for the B8 S4/S5 3.0 TFSI

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APR EMCS Program Switching for the B8 S4/S5 3.0 TFSI

10 min read

APR Presents: 3.0 TFSI EMCS Program Switching

Over the past two years, APR's engineering teams worked intimately with the new Continental/Siemens Simos 8.4 ECU to deliver the world's first true ECU upgrade for the 3.0 TFSI. This granted APR unrestricted access to every map, variable and function within the ECU to deliver expertly calibrated performance software as if intended by the OEM. APR is pleased to announce another world's first: APR's patented 3.0 TFSI EMCS Program Switching.

APR's Patented EMCS Program Switching adds extra functionality to the factory ECU giving users the ability to switch programs right from the driver seat without ever purchasing another piece of hardware. Using the factory cruise control stalk, APR's EMCS offers the following features:

Program Switching:

Programs switching gives the user the ability to switch between the exact same stock calibration originally loaded on the ECU, fuel quality specific APR performance calibrations for various premium and race fuel octanes as well as a reduced output 'Valet' mode designed to prevent misuse of the vehicle by unauthorized individuals.

Security Lockout:

Security lockout enables the user to prevent unauthorized individuals from using any APR EMCS functionality without use of a user defined security code. When enabled, APR EMCS is completely invisible. Because no external hardware is required an extra level of security is added by preventing others from obtaining hardware devices to unlock your ECU.

Fault Code Erase:

Fault code erase offers the end user the option to clear fault codes without the need for external hardware such as a laptop computer. If a fault code is thrown while fixing an issue such as a boost leak at the track, fault code erase allows the user to quickly clear the fault code, reset limp mode, clear check engine lights and reset ECU data so the vehicle can be driven again without requiring extra hardware to erase codes.


Anti-Theft takes security of your Audi one step further by securing the vehicle in the event the keys are stolen. When enabled, Anti-Theft prevents starting of the engine until a user-defined access code is entered. If one were to leave his or her Audi at home while on vacation, enabling Anti-Theft would prevent the vehicle from being driven away even if the keys were left in the ignition.

Take a tour of the APR EMCS Program Switching features in this video.


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