10.55@127.62 - APR Stage 1 RS3 Sedan

By: APR | 10/27/2017 < Back to Blog Home

10.55@127 MPH - APR Stage 1 RS3 Sedan (Stock Hardware). Our ECU development is coming along nicely.

For the past several months, our engineers have meticulously tested and tuned the new 2.5 TFSI found in the Audi RS3 Sedan and TTRS. This has included hundreds of dyno pulls, over 40 passes at the drag strip and more than 50 laps around Road Atlanta. You can read more about our testing and instrumentation here:

We visited our local drag strip, Montgomery Motorsport Park, to test the factory software vs our development software for the 2.5 TFSI found in our RS3 Sedan. In terms of engine / performance hardware, we tested our software only, leaving items such as the intake, exhaust, intercooler, fueling and more completely stock. The vehicle was equipped with Toyo R888 tires for added grip. Please Note: Date/Time stamps are 55 minutes ahead of the actual time.

First, we ran the stock tune on 93 octane, full weight (DA: ~600 FT):


Next, we flashed the ECU to our development Stage 1 tune on 93 octane, full weight (DA ~800 FT):


Satisfied with these results we added ethanol from the pump and switched to our development Stage 1 ethanol tune and ran full weight for a single pass (DA: ~125 FT):


Lastly we put the RS3 on a 5 minute track diet, pulling the seats, saving around 150 lbs (DA: ~100 FT):


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