APR B7 A4 2.0 TFSI Stage III Turbocharger System

APR is pleased to present our 3rd generation A4 Stage 3 Turbocharger System. Now available for the B7 A4 2.0T FSI and our most powerful longitudinal application yet at 375hp and 352 lb ft of torque, APR's Stage 3 is the ultimate performance enhancement for your A4.

APR began developing complete turbocharger upgrade systems in 1998 and 1999 brought the release of APR's first Audi A4 turbocharger system, the APR 1.8T Stage III. To this day, the APR Stage III has progressed over nine different reiterations across sixteen different Volkswagen Automotive Group models from the Audi A4 and Volkswagen GTI to the Seat Leon and Skoda Octavia and has yet to be duplicated. Building upon almost ten years of experience, APR's engineers have developed our crowning achievement through the newest technology in turbocharged engines, the 2.0T FSI.

The Concept


The VAG 2.0T FSI has quickly proven itself as one of the most technological power plants available, even besting the previous generation 1.8T which is a tall order. While the engineers who developed the engine made fantastic gains in both efficiency and reliability, they left much to be desired with regard to power. The B7 A4 Stage III Turbo kit bridges this gap with uncompromising quality and extreme power. Stage III is the newest addition to APR's quality line of products for the A4.

While other companies use the terms "tuner" and "R&D" loosely, we at APR feel that quality products start with quality planning. We begin with an idea and study the feasibility of the product. As designers we put a strong emphasis on safety and reliability. APR engineers developed the Stage III kit using Pro Engineer Wildfire 3-D CAD software and a Faro Platinum CMM machine. Prototypes are then processed using the 3-D Systems SLA machine. This rapid prototyping procedure allows for quick-cast prototypes to ensure a perfect fitting final component. After the component has been verified correct, the final material cast can be run.

The Stage III utilizes one of the newest and most efficient turbos available. The Honeywell/Garrett turbos utilize the latest ball bearing design coupled with an integral wastegate and Inconel wheel. Make no mistake, these are not standard turbos retrofitted to ball bearing specs; they are the same type used in countless forms of motor racing such as the Audi R8 in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Series. APR is one of a few Garrett Engineering Houses in the US. We work closely with their engineers to design turbos that produce our desired performance level for each kit.

The APR Exhaust manifold is investment cast Inconel 625. Such material was chosen for its excellent thermal properties. Inconel can withstand temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit without structural degradation. The manifold runners are paired so that the exhaust pulses do not interfere with each other. This design maximizes low-end spool-up and boost-response. The manifold runners were also sized according to the power levels desired and with the size of the exhaust ports in mind. In order to prove the design, the drawing, as it existed in Pro-E, was run through a computational fluid dynamics program. This APR exhaust manifold is arguably the best 2.0T FSI manifold available anywhere in the world due to its superior design and construction. No other company in North America has come close to reproducing a manifold at this level.

Other OEM components quickly reached their operational limits and were also redesigned. The increased flow necessitated a larger MAF Housing. The diameter of the intake tubing was also increased to accommodate the increased airflow. A new larger air horn was placed on the MAF to further increase velocity. A flow straightener was then added to keep turbulence to a minimum. A flow straightener seems like a small detail and is easily over looked by most companies. However, this "small detail" is an integral component of this system allowing the larger MAF housing to be properly utilized. Larger FSI fuel injectors are added to the kit to keep the fuel system within acceptable parameters and to deliver the required fuel to the engine from the included High Pressure Fuel Pump.

APR engineers write their own proprietary data logging software and analysis programs. This tuning software, combined with APR's Dynapack chassis dynamometer and environmentally controlled dyno lab, allows a degree of precision never before seen in the aftermarket industry. Our dyno tuning allows us to tune to any RPM at any load level. This equates into the smoothest, most powerful tuning available. Our software, as with our hardware, is equally ahead of the competition. It's a rare combination to find a tuning company that engineers both the software AND the hardware for their systems. The advantage of designing hardware that is built to utilize our specific software is obvious. OUR hardware working with OUR software is what comprises a truly engineered "system" and not just a conglomeration of parts.

APR Stage III Components

To learn more about each piece of the APR Stage III Turbocharger System, please click on the images below for further details.

Stage III Turbocahrger System

stage III kit

All Components included in the kit.

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APR Carbonio Carbon Fiber Air Box Heatshield

stage III kit

The APR kit starts with a Carbonio derived carbon fiber airbox which takes air in from the oem ram air location at the front edge of the hood of the car. This helps the car by allowing the engine to continuously have a fresh supply of cold intake air. The Stage III Turbocharger System includes a new component to the existing Carbonio Airbox to allow fitment of the larger maf housing. The Carbonio Carbon Fiber Airbox is sold separately.

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APR MAF Housing

stage III kit

APR developed a new MAF housing that is sized according to engine displacement and maximum power output. The new cast housing allows the proper metering of the additional airflow and to minimize pressure losses. The cast aluminum housing is CNC machined to exacting tolerances and powder-coated to inhibit corrosion. A honeycomb style flow straightener and airhorn is also added to prevent the MAF from seeing erroneous signals and to increase transitional airflow velocity.

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APR Turbo Compressor Inlet Hose

stage III kit

APR uses a reinforced silicone hose to route the inlet air from the MAF housing into the compressor inlet of the turbocharger. This hose also has provisions for other connections, such as the stock crankcase vent hoses and the APR diverter valve adaptor.

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APR Diverter Valve Adaptor

stage III kit

APR includes a billet CNC adaptor that allows the stock diverter valve to be reused with the APR compressor inlet hose.

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APR Honeywell/Garrett Turbocharger

stage III kit

Representing the latest in turbocharger technology, a Garrett GT2871R Ballistic series turbocharger is the only choice for this premium turbocharger system. APR is unique in that we deal directly with Garrett turbochargers rather than buying turbochargers through turbocharger supply houses. Our engineering-house distributor status with Garrett turbochargers means that we receive assistance from the manufacturer on technical issues and work with Garrett engineers on specifying the optimal turbocharger for each application.

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APR Oil/Coolant Lines

stage III kit

All APR oil and coolant feed and drain lines for the turbocharger are made to higher than OEM standards. As an example, the oil drain line (pictured) includes a braided stainless line with pressure crimped fittings, billet adaptors for the turbo and oil pan, new OEM gaskets, and stainless hardware.

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APR Compressor Outlet Hose

stage III kit

This silicone hose directs air from the compressor outlet of the turbocharger to the intercooler inlet piping. The APR diverter valve adaptor also connects to this hose, as well a boost signal line for the N75 boost control valve.

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APR High Pressure Fuel Pump

stage III kit

The stock high pressure pump is incapable of pumping a high enough volume of fuel to support the FSI engine with even moderate mods, much less a large turbo kit. To rectify this, APR has developed a higher flowing fuel pump that eliminates this being a problem. For more information about this pump, see the FSI Fuel Pump page.

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APR FSI Fuel Injectors

stage III kit

APR spent many hard hours sourcing the appropriate FSI injectors with the proper specifications to accommodate the increased fuel demand for the Stage 3. Solid idle, a good cold start and other drivability characteristics must be maintained with only a minimal loss of oem feel to be considered an APR Stage III Turbocharger System.

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APR Exhaust Manifold

stage III kit

The Stage III Turbocharger System exhaust manifold is investment cast out of Inconel, a high-temperature nickel alloy. The manifold was designed in CAD and optimized using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. What this means to the end user is the ultimate in performance and reliability.

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APR Exhaust Downpipe

stage III kit

From the turbocharger, the exhaust begins its travel out of the car through the 3" to 2.5" downpipe that is included with the Stage III kit. APR's stainless steel performance exhaust system connects at the oem catalyst location and is a perfect choice for use with the Stage III Turbocharger System.

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Dyno Performance


Quattro Performance behind the Wheel

The APR 2.0T FSI Stage III delivers a powerful, refined, turnkey solution from the expertly recalibrated engine management system to the investment cast inconel exhaust manifold and upgraded FSI fuel injectors and fuel pump. Featuring the APR/Garrett Honeywell Ballistic Series GT2871APR Ball Bearing Turbocharger, the APR Stage III brings your A4 to 375 horsepower and 352 pound feet of neck snapping torque.

The APR Stage III operates as if intended by the factory with flawless drivability and reliability. A solid idle and amazing part throttle operation takes the weekend trailer queen out of the highly modified aftermarket and provides luxury car daily driving during a trip to the office and pure, powerful, consistent performance while turning laps on the race track. Intense durability testing at the most demanding road courses in the country allowed an engineering solution that will perform lap after lap and commute after commute. APR, once again, has delivered unparalleled Enhancement to Your Driving Experience!

APR recommends a Carbonio Carbon Fiber Airbox, Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System and Intercooler Upgrade to obtain the published power numbers and to insure perfect fitment.  Please inquire at 800-680-7921 for details.

Stage III without Fuel Pump - Software Included
Year Model Part Number Price  
*This pricing is for customers who already have an APR FSI Fuel Pump, which is REQUIRED with this upgrade.
2005.5 - 2008 A4 (B7) 2.0T FSI T3100027$5,799.99Locate an APR Dealer

Motul Oil, Coolant and Oil Filter


To learn more about Motul, visit our Motul Portal

Part of the APR Turbocharger System install process requires removal of the OEM Turbocharger. During this process, oil and coolant must be drained and should be replaced to offer superior performance and protection. The APR Turbocharger Systems are now complete turn key solutions, including everything you need down to the oil, coolant and oil filter. During checkout you'll be given the option between Motul Specific 502.00, 505.00 & 505.01 5W40 or Motul Power 300V engine oil as well as Motul Inugel Optimal Ultra Coolant and an OEM oil filter. The Premium Motul lubricant package is included at a much lower than retail price point and the costs are listed below.

Motul Oil, Coolant and Oil Filter Options
Description Part Number Price
5 Liters of Motul Specific 505.01, 502.00 & 505.00 SAE 5w40 Oil, Oil Filter & 4 Liters of Inugel Optimal Ultra (Concentrated) - OrganicMO00002$70.00
6 Liters of Motul 300V Power 5W40, Oil Filter & 4 Liters of Inugel Optimal Ultra (Concentrated) - OrganicMO00006$100.00

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