APR B5 S4 2.7T Stage III K04 Turbocharger System

Full Kit

Power, Drivability, Reliability: these three words sum up our Audi 2.7T K04 Stage III kit. APR's unique approach to product development brings together a product with the level of refinement that this car deserves.

APR has a history of developing high-quality turbocharger upgrade kits. Our 2.7T Stage III upgrade system continues this tradition. This product uses RS4 components, APR-designed components, and of course, APR-engineered engine management software calibrations.

This ultimate turbo system upgrade is now available for the 2.7T cars. This kit is capable of 447 horsepower and 467 foot-pounds of torque at the flywheel on 93 octane gas, while retaining stock-like drivability. The highlights of the kit include the following:

  • RS4 KO4 Turbochargers
  • RS4 MAF and Airbox
  • RS4 MAF to Turbo Inlet Plumbing and Y-Pipe
  • RS4 High Flow Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pump
  • All Associate Plumbing and Hardware
Dyno Dyno
This kit is no longer available. Software is available for $1,500 and is designed for the following Parts:
B5 RS4 MAF 077 133 471 KV
B5 RS4 Injectors 078 133 551 BJ
B5 RS4 Fuel Pump 8D0 906 087 AL
B5 RS4 Turbo (Right) 078 145 704 M (5304 988 0026)
B5 RS4 Turbo (Left) 078 145 703 M (5304 988 0025)
B5 RS4 Y Pipe 078 133 351 F
B5 RS4 Intake 078 133 837 BQ

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