APR B8 A4 RSC Exhaust System

APR is pleased to present our first RSC™ Exhaust System for the new 2.0 TFSI B8 A4 & A5 Model Years 2009+.

RSC™ or Reflective Sound Cancellation allows for maximum exhaust gas flow while completely eliminating unwanted in cabin sound resonance known as "drone". Reflective Cancellation bounces the undesirable sound waves into each other to attenuate the wave and eliminate the low frequency tones that create drone. Each RSC™ muffler is tuned to eliminate specific, undesirable sound frequencies allowing only the engine's true and desirable exhaust note to be heard and improving performance.


Unique Exhaust Tip Options

APR's RSC™ Performance Exhaust for the B8 A4 & A5introduces modular tip design that allows the end user to specify an initial tip color of either Stainless Steel or Diamond Black and other tips can be ordered separately and changed at the owner's pleasure.

Diamond Black Tips
Silver Tips

3" Downpipe Exhaust System with High Flow Catalytic Converter and RSC Resonator

APR's 3 inch downpipe with high flow catalyst for the A4 2.0 TFSI is the first true downpipe for the A4 and the only one that incorporates traditional exhaust performance tuning for the new 2.0 TFSI engine. Other 2.0 TFSI engine applications outside of the A4 chassis have historically enjoyed the following benefits that have never before been made available to A4 owners:

  • 3 inch Exhaust Tubing Diameter beginning at the Turbocharger Exit for Maximum Turbocharger Spool and Peak Horsepower
  • Relocation of the Catalyst to Reduce Back pressure and Turbulent Airflow at the Turbocharger
  • Incorporation of a 200 Cell Count Catalyst to aid in Turbocharger Spool and Remove Restriction
  • Considerable Increases in Peak Horsepower, Peak Torque and Fuel Economy

Turboback System

Dual Exit Turboback Exhaust
Muffler Muffler RSC Muffler Muffler Muffler Muffler Muffler Muffler exhaust exhaust Y Pipe Y Pipe Main downpipe to Resonator Coupler Catback Adapter Downpipe Adapter Downpipe with Resonator Catalytic Converter Clamps Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Diamond Black Tips Exhaust Installed Exhaust Installed

Exhaust Video

Turboback Exhaust System
*Dual Exit Quad Tip Systems REQUIRE Dual Exit Quad Tip Valances and additional OEM hardware. Single Exit Dual Tip Systems REQUIRE Single Exit Dual Tip Valances. Please check or order a new valance before ordering!
*Fitment on the A4 Avant is not confirmed.
Vehicle Engine Transmission Drivetrain Exhaust System Tip Option Part Number Price  
B8 A4 & A5 2.0T 6MT, Tip & S-Tronic Quattro Dual Exit Quad Tip Polished Stainless Steel FE100040A$2,499.99Buy one Now!
B8 A4 & A5 2.0T 6MT, Tip & S-Tronic Quattro Dual Exit Quad Tip Diamond Black FE100040B$2,649.99Buy one Now!

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